June 7, 2023

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435 dengue cases were confirmed in Reunion

435 cas de dengue diagnostiqués à La Réunion

Dengue fever in Reunion

The epidemic is accelerating with the relevant 21 municipalities

From 1Is As of March 7, 435 dengue cases had been confirmed. The epidemic is accelerating on the island with 21 municipalities and hospitalization and emergency routes. Circulation of the virus is intensifying in the west (Le Port, Saint-Paul and La Possession) and new cases have been identified in the south (St. Joseph, Tampon, Itang-Sale and Saint-Denis).

Since February 15, teams from SDIS have been supporting ARS’s anti-vector control. With the recent outbreak of dengue fever outbreaks, this workforce has increased from 20 to 40, with ARS teams interfering daily in active households.

Reunion Island Prefecture and ARS remind the entire population of the importance of protecting themselves from mosquitoes.

From January 1, 2021

  • 1,292 cases were confirmed
  • 61 hospitals
  • 136 emergency room visits

Dengue fever situation on March 17, 2021

(Data from the French Public Health Unit, ARS in the area)

The Port Municipality reports more cases for the relevant period, i.e. more than 57% of the reports.

The number of cases at Law Possession and Saint-Paul continues to rise.

In the south, along with Saint-Joseph, groups of cases have now been identified in Itang-Sale and Tampons.

In the north, in Saint-Denis, the number of cases in new neighborhoods is increasing.

Groups of cases (Dengue outbreak) :

Western region

Port (Cite Parney, Manes, Satek, SIDR Boss, Ville Ville, Say, Piskin, Jack 1, ZUP 1, Bleeding Heart High, Bleeding Heart Low, Industrial Zone n ° 1, Riviere des Gallets)

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Law Possession (Moulin Jolly, Pichet, La Palmeira)

St. Paul (Law Plain, Bellevue Estate)

Southern region

Saint-Joseph (Les Jacques, La Cayenne, Le Butter, Goaves, Corosse)

Stamp (four cents)

Pond-Sale (Foot of the Rocks)

Northern Region

Saint-Denis (Bellepierre, Brittany, St. Clotilda)

While there were isolated cases in 15 municipalities two weeks ago, there are still 21 municipalities to date: Saint-Joseph, Saint-Pierre, Saint-L లేu, Saint-Paul, Le Port, La Possession, Le Tampon, Saint-Denis, Saint-Mary, St. Suzanne, Silas, Petit-ol, Les Avirones, St. Benoit, Itang Sale, Trois Basins, Brass Panon, St. Andre, Entre Dukes, St. Rose, St. Louis.

Only 3 municipalities did not recognize the case for 4 weeks in a row (La Plain des Pomistes, Saint-Philippe and Salazi).

Recommendations to fight dengue

Protect yourself and those around you from mosquito bites, 7 days after the onset of symptoms:

  • Repellents,
  • Mosquito nets,
  • Long dresses,
  • Diffusers.
  • Continue to protect yourself even if you have previously suffered from dengue fever ;
  • Eliminate breeding grounds: Empty anything that has water around your home ;
  • Consult a doctor with symptoms (fever, headache, muscle / joint pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc.) and take a sample in the laboratory for medical tests prescribed by your doctor to confirm the diagnosis of dengue fever.

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