May 25, 2022

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NCAA Championship | A more complex road for Coal Coffeefield

NCAA Championship |  A more complex road for Coal Coffeefield

Sure, Cole Cofield’s spring is going to be complicated, he’s going to the national championship and for the arrival among the experts.

Guillaume LefrancoisGuillaume Lefrancois

Let’s start with the most important issues. The University of Cofield and Wisconsin Badgers lost Tuesday to the University of Minnesota 6-4 in the final of the Big 10 Conference Championship.

Coffeefield college season is not over. The Badgers are one of 16 teams participating in the NCAA National Championship. On the other hand, Tuesday’s win earned them a more favorable ranking for this tournament, so less tough clash to start with. That said, badgers have become complicated with road damage.

The National Single-Elimination Championship takes place on March 27-28 with the knockout stages and quarterfinals. If the Badgers win two games that weekend, they will advance to the four-sided frozen fork of the tournament. The semi-finals are scheduled for April 8 and the final for April 10.

So the Cowfield college season ends somewhere between March 27th and April 10th. This date could have serious consequences for the future.

Great improvement

The consequences will be huge, because after all, the first round selection of CH in 2019 will then be rushed to the experts. In Tuesday’s defeat, Cofield scored his 28th runE Season goal in… 30 games! After two years in the university ranks, he appears to be ripe for further action; We have to see how the whole thing plays out.

In his mid-season count on Tuesday, Mark Bergewin said the team staff discussed Cofield’s future. “We have some, but we’ll keep it internal,” the Canadians general manager said.

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“Without Puck his game and his engagement would have improved a lot,” he said.

Bergewin drew parallel with the fruitful Winnipeg jets scorer Kyle Connor, who picked up the coffeed first round midfielder (17)E Rank in 2015) and passed through college ranks. The march between the two players was very high, however, Connor has scored 31, 34 and 38 goals in his last 3 seasons.

This type of player needs opportunity and that is a goal. But I saw the clip that lost the puck at the blue line [Caufield] The first person to fall backwards and he picks up the other player’s stick.

Mark Bergewin, CEO of Canadian

Bergwin’s argument in Tuesday’s duel was somewhat true. Cofield had eight shots on goal, but most came from tight angles. “Ask their goalie, it doesn’t matter where Cole fired in the offensive zone, it’s quality,” Wisconsin head coach Tony Granato protested.

Late in the game, however, Cofield had the first clear chance, after a shot from the top of the slot, to win the face-off, and hit the target as he often does, hitting inside the post.

On the other hand, without Puck, it would not have been so believable. Cofield certainly enjoyed some puck from his opponents, but he was on the ice for four Minnesota goals, including one in the empty net, it should be noted.

Montreal or Laval?

His arrival quarantine among professionals is complicated by issues and the Canadian salary is very tight under the cap. Roof maintenance is also one of Bergevin’s dominant themes on the balance sheet.

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This year the CH is tough, recalling Bergwin quoting Gary Betman, who could fix the hat for the next four years. “Navigating is not easy,” he said.

Under the circumstances, he would have to get a lot more when his young people had financial deals. So the decision to sign the Cofield contract this spring could have long-term consequences. If he plays only one game with the Hobbs this season, he will pass the first year of his three – year rookie contract, qualifying for a new contract in 2023 rather than 2024.

Photo by Kevin Light, Agencies France-Press Archives

Will Cole Cofield play for the Canadians this season?

For such a scenario to materialize, GM must still believe that Cofield is ready for the NHL. At 5’7 ‘and 165 pounds, height is clearly its biggest challenge.

Bergewin was optimistic when asked if Coffeldt was ripe for the NHL. “It’s impossible to tell until you’ve seen him with other players in the National League. But with Puck improving his game, he can help us, not hurt us,” Bergevin said.

Then there is the question of quarantine. If the Badgers reach the semi-finals or the final, and he has to isolate himself for two weeks when he arrives in Quebec, he will not be available until the end of April, and the Hobbs will end their season on May 8.

If not, Bergevin will definitely have a chance to sign Cofield’s American League contract to end the season, as Kaden Primau did when he left the university ranks in 2019. The Laval Rocket season ends May 15.

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