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Pyrenees Gaming: The Joker gang returns with 5 personal Strikers

Pyrenees Gaming: The Joker gang returns with 5 personal Strikers

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Less than a year after the release of the augmented version of Persona 5, Phantom Thieves is back on Switch and PlayStation 5 with a live sequel called Perch 5 Strikers. Passing after an older brother who made his mark in the video games of the last decade is a very difficult task.

Choosing to overcome the atlas by adopting a new game system is an important challenge. Goodbye turn-based combat, Hello Muso, is a kind of game where the player has to deal with huge speed in combat with groups of enemies.

A road trip in the heart of Japan

We found the heroes of the previous episode at their headquarters at Cafe LeBlanc in Tokyo. The school year is over and it’s time for them to enjoy the holidays. On this occasion, the Joker returned with his companions with the idea of ​​a walk in Shibuya and a good time between Japanese countryside barbecues.

The program that we quickly understand will be upside down at great breadth. This is due to the distorted behaviors that have occurred among many fans of a young singer whose success is not true. Phantom Thieves resumes services this way in an attempt to understand how easily this singer’s personality can present itself to his fans.

But all of this is only the starting point of a story, which then takes them on a road trip to the four corners of Japan, where we alternate the steps of dialogue and pure action.

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The game offers a road trip in the center of Japan. © Photo Credit: Personality 5 Strikers / Atlas

The game is divided into chapters that do not really say their name, but you will quickly understand what it is when playing. Very mature, the title also evokes themes of harassment, mourning or loneliness. As in the previous episode, the storyline and characters are very successful and it only takes a few hours to bond with the gang.

Be careful, though, that while it is quite possible to play these Personal 5 Strikers without playing the previous episode, you still run the risk of losing a lot of script writing nuances. We regret that the characters were thrown into the bath so quickly and that the illustration was not really focused on explaining to us who was who. Unlike Personal 5, the action starts immediately and if you do not already know Ruji, Ann, Yusuke and others, you will quickly lose.

We regret that the interactions between the characters are not as extensive as before. So we’re not really going to develop attachments between them, which is one of the big strengths of the previous episode.

Some minor flaws are the consequences of the game style, with less focus on RPG (role play) but more focus on pure action. So the rhythm is definitely there, along with the first-rate soundtrack, which is always appropriate and the themes are mostly in mind, especially those already heard with the first opus.

The player reflects on the Joker, a high school student at the head of the Phantom Thieves.
The player reflects on the Joker, a high school student at the head of the Phantom Thieves. © Photo Credit: Personality 5 Strikers / Atlas

Personal 5’s shadow first name is ubiquitous in the player (whether he plays or not), and this new Opus is a notch more than its big brother. This is self-contained, and runs smoothly on PlayStation 4 (or 5) or switches. The sets are still very beautiful and the artistic direction really makes us fall in love with this Japan..

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Hence the Atlas title remains a very high level game. Whether you like the style of play or not, reuniting with the Joker and his gang is a blast. This is a sign that we are going to have a great time, and in the Personal 5 Strikers‌, there is some of them.

Personal 5 Strikers, PlayStation 4 (convenient PlayStation 5), switch. 49.99 euros.

In short

If you like Personal 5 strikers …

  • Do you like Personal 5?
  • You love action
  • You love Japan
  • You like well-written screenplays

If you do not like Personal 5 Strikers …

  • You are hoping for a similar sequel
  • You expect children’s play