May 23, 2022

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The return of Morpheus Morin has been confirmed

The return of Morpheus Morin has been confirmed

Morpheus Morin is coming back. Takes control of the host But why?, His documentary series at Z.

This information was reported on 98.5 FM Montreal during the broadcast Quebec now, By Patrick Lagake. In the message sent Journal, Owner of Z Bell Media, confirms new season production But why?, With Morpier Morin. However, the date of entry into the air was not specified. And no additional comments were made.

The news comes eight months after a scandal broke out with the host. Safia Nolin has suspended all of her professional activities over allegations of sexual harassment and physical abuse.

However, the machine set off again in January during the filming of the thriller Wrong Started again. And from Monday, she turns inside Arlette!, By Marilop Wolf, plays her title role.

The host has only been on a public outing since last July: a word on Instagram, in which she says she “understood” with the help of experts.

With humility

The next few months will tell us how Quebec people welcome this return, but according to Caroline Lacroix, marketing professor at the School of Management at UQAM, the actress must show a lot of humility. “It should be the message she wants to send or shine. People will see his attitude. If I were in his shoes, I would not go right away and associate with so many brands. I would not even go to the galas.”

Caroline Lacroix is ​​amazed to see such a great comeback, with three big projects in a row. “I was hoping for something more progressive. But a lot of people are supporting her. She knows how lucky she is to be back on screen.”

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