May 18, 2022

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France limits Paris and other areas for one month

France limits Paris and other areas for one month

Nearly 20 million French people, including residents of the Paris area, will be restricted from Friday and up to a month, with more comfortable terms than previous arrests, the government announced Thursday in the wake of the epidemic. France.

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France will also resume vaccination with AstraZeneca, Prime Minister Jean Costex told a news conference, adding that he would be vaccinated on Friday “to show we have full confidence”. The decision came after European medical authorities declared the vaccine “safe and effective.”

As the pace of the epidemic in France – 35,000 new cases in the last 24 hours – and the country reached the “horrible list of 100,000 deaths”, Mr Costex announced “new massive breaking measures of the epidemic” from midnight on Friday and for four weeks.

They apply to 16 divisions: Paris and its territory, one division north of the country and another division south.

Mr Costex, however, said the schools would remain open, as well as businesses selling “basic necessities”, including booksellers.

“With regard to travel outside the home, especially to ventilate, walk, play sports, they are supervised, but according to simpler rules than in March and last November,” the first two arrests in France emphasized. But travel between areas is prohibited.

The curfew, currently in effect from 2 p.m., will be pushed back to 6 p.m.

“We are adopting a third way, which is a way to slow down without locking in,” he stressed, describing the “important”, “balanced” and “spatial” actions.

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“We still have the hardest days,” he said, emphasizing the “perspective” offered by the vaccine.

These new sanctions lasted for almost a year from the day President Emmanuel Macron announced his first imprisonment, and then were applied to the whole territory and in a very strict manner, especially with the closure of schools.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. On the right, the government felt that “everything had failed”, and the Radical Left condemned the “return to the Middle Ages”.