May 22, 2022

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Prime Gaming: A list of exclusive games and content for Prime members in March 2021

Prime Gaming : La liste des jeux et contenus exclusifs offerts en mars 2021 pour les membres Prime

Some time ago, we announced games, rewards and exclusive content available to Amazon Prime account holders in the month of February. This March it is time to enter the list of new ones in the service.

Formerly known as “Twitch Prime”, the service was renamed after its affiliation with Amazon. It has become “prime gaming”. It’s apparently the same service: offering games, rewards and exclusive content for all those who subscribe to Amazon Prime and Prime Video. As a reminder, this membership costs 99 5.99 per month (more info Here).

But without further ado, here is what awaits you until the end of March. It starts with 20 SNK games for free until March 31st. These include Shock Troopers, Metal Slug and The King of Fighters licenses.

When it comes to rewards and exclusive content, the list goes on and on:

  • Rainbow Six Siege (Available March 19)
    • Bundle: New helmet, dress, leather skin and attraction to Kevira.
  • For Honor (Currently available)
    • Two Grave Diggers cans
    • 7 day champion status including XP booster.
  • Apex Legends (Currently available)
    • Skin pour adrenaline suffering octane.
  • Rogue Company (Available now)
  • Alliance VS Empire (Available now)
    • Lot Power Up: 500 White Diamond, 50 Emerald, 50 Enhancement Guard Ticket, 2 Kings Blessing, 2 Benows Blessing.
  • V4 (Available March 18)
    • Starter pack
    • Knight’s Bottle Horse.
  • Clash of Kings (Coming soon)
    • Building Enhancement Pack (2 hours Building Speedup x1000, 500 x 500,000 Food and 500 x 500,000 Wood).

A good list that will definitely delight players by subscribing to the Prime Gaming service through Amazon Prime. We will meet with you in a very short time to find out the next surprises and unique content కంట next month.

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