July 7, 2022

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Scientists recommend killing 40 deer in East Montreal

Scientists recommend killing 40 deer in East Montreal

A team of scientists recommends killing 40 deer in a large park in Montreal, but there are many of them, but Mayor Plante is not interested in reproducing the psychological drama of last fall in Longueil.

Philip Teissira-LessardPhilip Teissira-Lessard

The city of Montreal has hired biologists from the Center d’Todes de la Fort (CEF) to study the large population of “deer” in eastern Montreal.

According to information originally published Green Week, They recommend removing 55 or more deer in the large Point-Ox-Prairies Park in Point-Ox-Trembles.

“Our main concern is that we have too much population and the ecosystem is in danger of deteriorating irreversibly. We need to reduce the population a little bit. We need to act in a recognizable way,” said biologist Jean-Pierre Tremble, co-author of the report for La Press.

“The damage is long-lasting. When there is not much reproduction, you do not need too many deer to kill it, he continued. There is an urgent need to deal with it.”

The biologist said non-malignant methods were being considered, but rejected. “The problem with rehabilitation is that it is not a sustainable approach,” he said. There are ethical issues, but there are also transportation issues: with the multiplication of these issues [de surpopulation], Host communities cannot keep all of these deer. “

“Certainly not the avenue we want to take”

At a press conference on another issue Thursday morning, Mayor Valerie Plante said she did not see Montreal matters the same way.

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“This is definitely not the avenue we want to take, kill the white-tailed deer,” she said. “Our direction is not to bring them down.”

OmTo me With a plan to slaughter 15 deer from Michael-Chartrand Park, Plante had in mind the crisis of last fall off the south coast of Montreal. “It simply came to our notice then. There are benefits, ”Mr. said.To me Plant. “We learn from what we saw in Longyouil. ”

Mayor Sylvie abandoned the parent slaughter plan following outrage from disgruntled citizens who rejected scientists’ explanations for the need to reduce the deer population in the park.