May 27, 2022

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Carcassonne. It’s time for colorectal cancer screening!

Carcassonne.  It's time for colorectal cancer screening!

As part of Operation Blue Mars, Colorectal Cancer Screening Month, the League Against Cancer, Ad CPM and Occitani Cancer Screening Coordinating Center (CRCDC-OC) organized an awareness day at the hospital last Wednesday.

In the Carcassonne Hospital Center lobby, this Wednesday is an awareness day for colorectal cancer screening as part of the Blue March with the Big Air Against Cancer League, but this Wednesday is an awareness day to further increase your knowledge about the intestines of the human body, the Ad CPAM and Occitany Cancer Screening Coordination Center (CRCD) ). Colon cancer, which is responsible for 18,000 deaths and 40,000 to 50,000 new cases each year (affects the third most common cancer after prostate and lung cancer) as well as women over the age of 50 (second after breast).

The upward trend, which can be prevented if this target population is tested once every two years, is guaranteed by gastroenterologist Dr. Paul Stroke. “Most colon cancers (It is part of the large intestine with the rectum) Start with small lesions called polyps. These are benign growths that can be easily detected and removed, but if allowed to grow, they can grow in size and shrink in size. In general, these precursor lesions are completely silent because they do not block the bowel and the symptoms, pain, or bleeding are not visible to the eye. It can be dangerous if not detected at an early stage.“, The doctor explains.

There is no miracle recipe to limit the risks, but a healthy lifestyle is always recommended. They are a balanced diet, limiting alcohol and tobacco, practicing physical activity … “Healthy living does not hurt, but it does not completely prevent colon cancer and is not officially recommended. Even if we do everything right, it does not eliminate the need to test“, Dr. Stroke insisted.

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Taken in time, colorectal cancer can be cured nine out of ten times, although the detection rate in this segment is lower than the national average. By 2020, 27.8% of adolescents over the age of 50 will go to their GP for screening, more than 30% in France and more than 70% in Northern Europe.