May 28, 2023

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Hot Head of the University of Ottawa

Hot Head of the University of Ottawa

Apparently, the University of Ottawa attracts students as well as sulfurous characters I woke up, They take pleasure in gagging their teachers.

Law and Medicine Professor Amir Attaron doesn’t go about it on the back of the spoon. Before he died, Joyce Echoquan was accused of “medical lynching” by Quebec locals for insulting members of the medical staff at Joliet Hospital. A few days ago, Jolieen Ottawa, another attic comek, was still suffering in Joliet, but this time at CLSC, comments from those who had largely studied and dismissed the dubious joke about her from two nurses.

This American professor was not the first to insult the Quebecars. When he qualifies Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt as a white supremacist, we can echo the phrase that Maris Duplessis used to denounce intellectuals as “shovel clouds”: “Education is like a strong drink., There are some who do not wear it.”

Because this professor is loaded with diploma. Born in California, he holds a BS from Berkeley, an MS in Biomedical Sciences from Caltech, a PhD from Oxford, and a law degree from the University of British Columbia. He is a member of the Ontario Bar.


All this to say, racism is not just for those who do not have a school. In addition, Attarn compared Quebec nationalism to Trumpist nationalism. He said his experience as a dark-haired man (his parents were Iranian) at the bilingual University of Ottawa was “hello.” Racism. “

It should be noted that last September Rector Jacques Fremont did not support Professor Verushka Lieutenant-Duval, who was suspended after pronouncing “en inward” on a course. However, the University of Ottawa said Professor Attaron’s words were offensive, but not its director of communications, and this time the rector who remained in the shadows: “As a university, it’s not ours, it’s not between the community and the conflicting views. […] Free expression should not be interrupted. “

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Between the professor who pronounced “the word in N” and Amir Attar సాధించినn, who qualified Franకోois Legalt as a “white supremacist”, we must confirm that this was only a question of vocabulary.


We know that even a few dozen Francophone teachers who openly supported their young colleague were described as racist. Hence the boundary lies within the university community itself.

We must refute these remarks by the professor who was determined to insult Quebec, in which he clearly did not know the history or politics. How can it be explained that so many intellectuals and journalists across Canada are silent in front of a diploma-filled professor who affirms that racism is embedded in the nature of Quebeckers?

How long will we endure this contempt?