May 21, 2022

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New album for Louis-Jean Carmire

New album for Louis-Jean Carmire

Louis-Jean released the first single from the Carmire album, The sky on the ground, Which will be released on April 16 in Quebec and France.

Emily CoteEmily Cote

Jazz is a song with a scent Irony. The worker, who lost his father while still having things to settle with him, deals with the theme of grief and sorrow.

We can hear Mary-Pierre Arthur, Erica Angel and her daughter Camille Carmier singing together. Eric Howe appears on Andy King and saxophone on brass and trumpet. The piece begins slowly before half-sounding.

The clip, directed by Benjamin Lucier, will be released on March 24.

Heaven is on the ground, Released a year after Carmire released his fourth solo album after his band Corqua When night falls. It is described “Montreal-September-Oles Round Trip” It “explores the harsh and fertile territory of mourning and love”. And we are announcing “intimate fashion” with musicians Franకోois Lafontaine and Robbie Custer.

Louis-Jean is also launching a labor web payment platform, Le 360, which provides meetings between him and other music lovers, as well as artists who inspire him (Chloe Pellag, Fouki, Philippe Flordeau, Maud Laundry, Mehdi Bouzidan). There will also be artisan classes and behind-the-scenes moments.

Finally, Carmire goes on tour. About forty dates were announced. The kickoff is on March 26 in Trois-Rivieres.

I hope he can perform in Montreal on December 16 at MTelus as planned.