July 5, 2022

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Watch CH matches from a different angle with Vision 5G RDS

Watch CH matches from a different angle with Vision 5G RDS

To know everything about Vision 5G RDS

RDS launched today Vision 5G During the game between the Montreal Canadians and the Vancouver Canucks, a 5G experience that allows hockey fans to control the angle of each game.

This feature is unique to iOS and Android apps that use Bell’s 5G mobile technology to provide fans with an exciting and interactive new way to watch games from their smart devices, each passing, highlighting. Out, Pause, Rewind and Slow Motion possible with zoom in on failures and penalties and from Bell via ultra-fast, high-capacity mobile network.

See an overview of Vision 5G here.

In addition to the immersive mobile experience, new technology allows RDS viewers to follow post-match recaps.

  • Vision 5G : Direct feature that allows the user to view match action from different angles, review certain games and zoom in or out at any time during the game.
  • 5G Vision highlights on demand : Enjoy the same immersive opportunities while watching the headlines you made while streaming or replaying.

RDS subscribers on Bell’s 5G network with a 5G device can connect to their RDS apps to experience the new technology. VISION 5G RDS Expands to other sporting events, teams and venues over time.

By using the technology of Vision 5G During the airing of the Montreal Canadians home games, analysts provide viewers with an unprecedented perspective, zooming in and out and circling the action throughout the game and during interruptions.

“RDS and TSN are excited to partner with Montreal Canadians to launch this service. We will control the viewing experience from Bell through their 5G smart devices,” said Nathalie Cook, Vice President of Sports, RDS and TSN. We hope they enjoy the knowledge that drives them to the heart of action. “

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Thanks to this kind of most important technological endeavor, more than 80 timeline cameras have been installed around the Bell Center ice rink, as well as 1,500 meters of fiber, 96 dedicated servers and a dedicated control center Bell’s 5G network that allows this technology. VISION 5G RDS Uses devices and technology of 4DReplay.

To learn more, visit: RDS.ca/Vision5G.