May 23, 2022

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History of Western Civilization | The PQ leader opposes the withdrawal of the college course

History of Western Civilization |  The PQ leader opposes the withdrawal of the college course

Following the green light given by Higher Education Minister Daniel McCann on the withdrawal of the college initiation course for the history of Western civilization, party Cubacois leader Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon strongly condemned the “half-teaching” history.

Lee CarrierLee Carrier

On the recommendations of the Committee of Experts, the Minister plans to withdraw the current compulsory course in the Humanities program by 2023.

For the PQ leader, this is the “bottom race” caused by the “mood of the moment”. “How do students understand the chain of historical events? Where, then, do they hear about the founding events of Athens, the Romans, the Ages and Western civilization?”, Mr. Plamondon raised in a press release on Saturday.

The introductory course in the history of Western civilization studies from ancient times to the Middle Ages, including philosophers of rational thought, the Roman Republic and Christianity. The version of the Humanities program, presented to teachers at the 48 CEGEPs in Quebec last summer, will be replaced with a course on world history from the 15th century to the present.

According to Mr. Plamandon, it was a violation. “As a minister, Ms McCann could not accept such a recommendation. On the contrary, it should be inspired by the philosophy and humility of Bernard de Chartres, who in the 12th century confirmed that the thinkers of a given age were dwarfs on the shoulders of demons; in other words, any intellectual progress based on our progress It’s an unchanging principle, it’s retaining all its v image, more today than ever before, ”he pointed out.

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Minister of Higher Education Mrs. Daniel McCann

He urges the Minister to reconsider her decision and revive the course completely, which means that the matter will be divided into two courses, which will be provided in several sessions.

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