May 18, 2022

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Amir Attaran is a professor of law at the University of Ottawa. He is a licensed Francophob. After refueling at Gatino, he had already decided that Quebec was an intolerant society based on his “vast” experience. He keeps making these kind of silly generalizations on Twitter.

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Mr. Attaron finally appeared on the radar of the Quebec media because he likened Quebec to Alabama (1), where the Ku Klux Klan ruled the Supreme Court and killed blacks by racist groups hanged from trees. “Lynch” is a loaded word, but anyway: Amir Attaran says locals in Quebec hospitals are targeting “lynch” and that Quebec is a haven of “white supremacy”.

If you want to read about the horrors of black lynchings in Alabama, read this article New York Times (2). Try to locate Quebec there.

Am I forgetting something?

Yes: According to a professor from the University of Ottawa, the founding of the Party Cubacois – by Rene Lowesque – was a flaw that led to “white supremacy of pure wool”.

That’s it.


I’ve finally seen Attar on media radar because it’s been a long time since mine. I often denounced and ridiculed him on Twitter for his frankophobic attacks and for him Quebec Bashing.

Quebec is not beyond criticism, not the government or Quebecs, it is not a question. Inflammation of the eyebrows here …

That is why Quebec is the most racist province in Canada, said Amir Attaran. Maps of racism excite me because they are absurd, falling into disgraceful competition: If Quebec is the worst province in terms of racism, ask yourself a question …

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Which occupies the third place?

Because if Quebec is the most racist province in Canada, it should be the one that occupies the third place, Right ?

The fact is that the whole country is racist, not just in Frog Province, because the plague of this spirit has no regional boundaries. Three examples:

1. Magazine Macleans (Falling on the Horror Chart) In 2015 Winnipeg was declared the “most racist city” in Canada, having a huge stake in the province of Manitoba, due to its horrific treatment of locals. (3).

2. Thunder Bay, Ontario is in the hot seat for the systemic problems that plague and kill the aborigines పేరు Google That name: Barbara Kentner, killed by the Ontarians in horrific circumstances. Thunder Bay has such a problem with racism that online media Canada has hired a reporter there to cover the racism in the city “which has the highest number of murders and hate crimes in the country” (4).

3. And you want to talk about the Mickmack fishermen in Nova Scotia, who secretly set fire to a lobster warehouse in the midst of a violent stalemate over fishing rights with white fishermen (5).

I do not think Ontario, Manitoba or Nova Scotia are worse than Quebec when it comes to racism. I would say that the siege of Amir Atrance of this country for racism in Quebec indicates their own racist attitude towards Quebec and Francophone. In their defense, it must be said that Francophobia is an acceptable form of racism in this country.

Because Amir Attar was not the first prominent member of the English-Canadian well-thought-out party who vomited on Quebec to portray Quebecs as exceptionally racist. In the past, Mordecai Richler did not go through Alabama to make the Cubakers particularly racist, he took his metaphors directly from the Nazis (6).

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Mr. Attaron has the right to use his freedom of speech to show his intelligence to the universe. Rector Jacques Fremont of the University of Ottawa – a bilingual campus frequented by teachers and students from Quebec for generations – did not explicitly use Amir Attaran as dean of the Civil Law Section. Mary-Eve Sylvester. “Infectious and offensive comments,” she said on Twitter.


I will end with a personal note. I graduated from the University of Ottawa, where I studied from 1991 to 1995. And I recently sponsored a scholarship with a friend, also a Udo graduate. Idea: Help students who, like us 30 years ago, needed all the dollars they could find while studying.

I am committed in 2018 to fund this scholarship in three years. I wrote my last check a few weeks ago.

If my alma mater contacted me in 2021 rather than 2018 to fund this scholarship, I would have declined the invitation.

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