May 22, 2022

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Nearly 92,000 people have died since the epidemic began

Nearly 92,000 people have died since the epidemic began

Absent on Friday due to technical reasons, Public Health France communicated on Saturday a report showing a slight decline in indicators in hospitals, admissions and resuscitation

France has seen a slight decline since Thursday in the new hospital and the revival of Kovid-19, according to figures released by Public Health France on Saturday, which did not publish the previous day’s figures.

The pressure on intensive care services that welcome patients with severe forms of Kovid is high, with 4,353 patients on Saturday, up from 4,246 on Thursday, a new milestone since the end of November. But new entries fell to 317 (382 from 48 hours ago).

185 deaths in 24 hours

New hospitals also fell: 1,348 in the last 24 hours, with 1,661 on Thursday. French hospitals now have 25,537 Kovid patients, up from 25,389 on Thursday.

Earlier on Saturday (March 13), there were 24,671 patients with Kovid-19 in hospitals, of whom 4,070 were in intensive care. In seven days, the number of patients admitted to the hospital increased by 866 and the number of patients on shifts by 283.

The disease has taken 185 people to hospital in 24 hours (since Thursday 274), bringing the total death toll to 92,000 since the outbreak began a year ago.

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