May 19, 2022

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Break for Mary-Christine Laoi and Jean-Marc Koucher

Break for Mary-Christine Laoi and Jean-Marc Koucher

Nooooooonnnnn! They are Yes Beautiful together!

Sadly we learned that this couple was formed Mary-Christine Laoi And Jean-Mark Couture Not anymore!

Kareen Paradise

Via Instagram Friendly Designer, Founder and Facilitator From which he broke the news of the split The big winner Star Academy 2012. After spending four years as a couple with the singer, Mary-Christine States however Jean Mark And she took different paths, they were still friends.

««If a man and a woman can love each other while only friends are left, their friendship can be compared to a diamond because it is precious and enduring.»

Last week, I received beautiful messages of congratulations after the Jean-Marc show at Star Academy.

In all transparency, our relationship has been developing differently for 5 months and we hope to continue this great friendship. We have shared our love for 4 beautiful years. A simple, healthy and rewarding relationship has allowed us to grow together. We understand that this year, filled with great changes, has changed our vision for the future.

“Sunsets are proof that even endings can be beautiful.»

Enjoy this beautiful sunny day
“♥,” she revealed on Instagram.

Mary-Christine And Jean Mark They ended their relationship five months ago!

We wish you all the best Mary-Christine And Jean Mark For the rest!

Remember that lovers appeared in public for the first time together On the red carpet of the premiere of Bon Cop, Bop Cop 2 In 2017!

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