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Canadian | Rethinking responsibilities with Dominic Ducharm

Canadian |  Rethinking responsibilities with Dominic Ducharm

Thirteen games have now elapsed since Dominic Ducharm took over from Claude Julian on February 24. On the ice, the adjustments were still slow to turn into victories, but team management changed a bit. Tap There are eight changes under the microscope.

Simon-Oliver LorenzSimon-Oliver Lorenz

Finally discipline

Claude Julian wanted a more disciplined team with all his heart. Dominic Ducharme got it. Under Julian, the Canadian is the second most punished team in the NHL. With Ducharm‌, the change is drastic: from 11 minutes 10 seconds in a dungeon to a match, his men spend only 6 minutes 41 seconds. 4 and a half minutes amazing drop! This is good news because the acronym unit is neither improved nor worse. Most of the minutes thus recovered are now played five against five, as the opponent is also punished less often than Julian.

More time, but fewer goals

In theory, the Canadian should be happy to spend more time in the top five than the top five, because he excelled at this stage. With Ducharme, the team continued Top 10 In terms of goals against the NHL, in terms of shooting attempts and scoring opportunities, the award can be obtained. Where there are shoe pinches there is the potential to change these possibilities. With three goals per game and five runs against five, the Julian men were first on the circuit. However, with just 2.1 goals, Ducharm’s goals surpassed 20E Rank. This scoring difficulty is somewhat offset by the power play, which is the best in the NHL since February 24th. But it is not surprising that Dacharm has a more successful percentage (38.5%) than its predecessor (50%).

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It’s rolling for Kotkani

Photo by David Boyle, Press Archives

Jesperi Cotkonimi

We are not confused in ump hala about the relationship between Jesperi Kotkanimi and Julian. But the young man is having a good time with his new coach. Not only will he be playing five-on-five for another two minutes, his power-play wave will now spend more time on Nick Suzuki’s ice. Finn’s offensive production also began: after collecting 8 points (0.44 points per game) in his first 18 games, he added 7 in 13 games (0.54). He became more competent in the face-off circle, winning from 46.7% to 50%.

Gifts for Suzuki and Droins

Not only is Suzuki less important in power play, he is no longer outdone. Ducharm, too, after his arrival, expressed a desire to rely on fewer professionals than a man. Never mind: At five against five, the young man’s ice time increased by almost three minutes! These circumstances give him 16, for a total of 19, the peak in the forwards. However, it was his favorite left-winger, Jonathan Drouin, who caused his workload to increase significantly: three minutes 16 seconds from five to five. Kubecker has more shots per game (2.15) than Julian (1.33).

The fourth trio was scooped up

This game that communicates vessels must be able to harm anyone. And this is the fourth trio. Jake Evans saw his ice time cut short by almost two minutes under Ducharm, who also took his turn for both games. To some extent, demand for Paul Byron and Artury Lehkonen is also low. Under the new coach, Finn played only 6 of 13 games. Like his predecessor, Ducharm praised the “depth” of his club, but the theory of equally divided minutes between the three already seems to be a thing of the past.

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The character mentioned for Romanov

Photo by Bernard Bralt, Press Archives

Alexander Romanov

Defender Alexander Romanov made his Canadian debut with Thunder. Julian quickly trusted him at all stages of the game before reducing his snow time. Under Ducharm, we round up his character: no more minutes in power play and power play. He had a momentary chance to the left of Shia Weber in the first pair, but now the third pair seems to have a destination where the quality of the opposition is low. And he’s not doing worse for it. The growth potential for the youngster playing his first season in North America is enormous. He was leisurely time consuming, and Ducharm, now using it only on the left side, on his natural side, did not want to rush him.

Perry in all sauces

The phenomenon is paradoxical: Corey Perry plays a little less under Ducharm (he gave up 47 seconds), but he looks a lot longer than Julian. The reason? He starts the game on the fourth line, but is now used as a substitute in other units as the game develops. Ducharm likes to deceive his team during a game, and Perry often finds himself moving from one position to another, in addition to playing his screen role in front of the net in the power play. The veteran does not complain, his risky production increased slightly under the new administration.

Low weight for Weber

You only have to watch the game to see it: Shia Weber has never had the best moments of his career. His bottom out is similar to Ben Chiarot’s injury, which increased the workload for veterans like Jeff Petrie, Joel Edmundsson and himself. Last week in Winnipeg, Weber hit the 25-minute mark, the first under the dachshund. However, this tip has been an exception to the rule since Julian’s departure: Weber has played eight of the nine most requested games this season. Under Ducharm, he is no longer used as a five-on-five defender, as Petrie and Edmundson have crossed him. Petrie took the lead in the whole minutes – helped a lot extra times. Has the guard change in defense begun? This is already there. But it cannot be ruled out.

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