October 20, 2021

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Logitech G635 gaming headset and 7.1 surround sound for only 79.99 euros

Logitech G635 gaming headset and 7.1 surround sound for only 79.99 euros

The Logitech G635 is one of the best references in terms of gaming headsets from the manufacturer. It is now available on Amazon for 79.99 euros, which is rarely underlined.

With good sound quality, comfortable and sleek design and above all optimization for video games, the Logitech G635 is a well-recommended model. While it usually sells for over 100 euros, this relatively premium helmet only comes today 79.99 euros.

Find the Logitech G635 at Amazon for 79.99 euros

Logitech G635 in detail

The younger brother of the G935, the Logitech G635 is a wired headset that was built and built to meet the needs of demanding gamers. This perimeter-aural model closes and separates you well from small external noises, without having to take the board for a very active noise reduction. Inside, there are 50mm Pro-G hybrid mesh drivers, which provide its own sound effect, with reduced distortion. It’s very practical to listen to your favorite music or spot your enemies in video games.

One of the strengths of these wired headphones is its quality based on virtual 7.1 surround processing DTS: X 2.0 technology. This allows for better sound spatiality and extra comfort that is appealing to most people. Additionally, the design is very unique, as it includes LightSync RGB backlight, which you can configure (or disable) for free on GHub software. The headset is rather versatile, as you can connect it via USB or jack, either on a PC or on a game console.

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For online chatting, a muted microphone is included. It certainly is not at the best instructional level of this kind, or the microphone is not at hand, but capable of delivering a reliable result instead of attracting parasitic sounds. Lastly, we also appreciate the multiple buttons that are directly available on the headset, which allow you to adjust the volume, mute your microphone, and attach up to 3 macro keys.

Find the Logitech G635 at Amazon for 79.99 euros