June 30, 2022

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The city of Montreal wants to promote the French

The city of Montreal wants to promote the French

The city of Montreal on Monday unveiled an action plan that promotes its unique role as a French-speaking metropolis in America.

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For example, promotion and inclusion are the three main elements.

“The French metropolis of America stands as an example and contributes to the influence of our common language,” Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante said in a press release.

To do this, the city wants to be an example in its own administration, committed to supporting the French in its various departments.

Second, Montreal hopes to further promote the use of the French language and support programs that contribute to its power.

“We believe we can do more to promote the French in our economic development, our international relations, our cultural influence and our social development,” Mr said.To me Plant. She adds that she wants to translate French into a commercial language in Montreal.

In the final axis of its action plan, the city plans to increase its activities to encourage newcomers to learn French and provide better assistance to them.

To ensure the proper implementation of these various measures, the Montreal administration plans to set up a steering committee that will oversee and review them annually.

“This action plan is in the image of our metropolis and reaffirms the importance that the city of Montreal has attached to French as the official language while protecting the cultural and linguistic rights of the English-speaking community and nations. Indigenous people,” the mayor added.

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