June 7, 2023

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Crossing the Myers Flame of LaSalle

Crossing the Myers Flame of LaSalle

Manon Barbe, who has ruled LaSalle uninterruptedly since 2001, will not be a candidate for his succession next November.

Philip Teissira-LessardPhilip Teissira-Lessard

The electorate made the announcement on social networks on Tuesday.

“There was no fatigue or disease behind this decision,” she wrote. “Quite simply, the receipt of the mission has been achieved. For 25 years, I’m going to bed thinking about LaSalle. Now is the time to think about something else! Although it may seem like a clich, I want to spend more time with my family and loved ones.”

OmTo me Barbie was elected municipal councilor for the city of LaSalle in 1995, before taking over the reins of the borough of the same name following the municipal merger.

She wore the colors of Union Montreal, sat on Gerald Tremblay’s executive committee, and created a local party before leaving and bearing her name. It currently occupies all the seats of the District Council.

“Look around you: LaSalle didn’t look so good,” M. saidTo me Beard. “We have beautiful parks, the street conditions are the best on the island, our municipal buildings are well maintained and we will soon have an amazing new library. […] We did all this while maintaining low debt and low taxes. ”

In 2017, she called on the Montreals to vote for Valerie Plante as mayor of Montreal.