July 5, 2022

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Legalt and FitzGibbon did not rule out helping Bronfmann at his stadium

Legalt and FitzGibbon did not rule out helping Bronfmann at his stadium

After his finance minister in the morning, Quebec Premier Franకోois Legalt indicated that the doors were not closing to grant public money to the affluent family fund. Bronfman for stadium construction.

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Last Friday, their Claridge Fund was registered with the Registry of Lobbyists with the intention of representing the state of Quebec, aiming to bring back a team to raise several hundred million for their baseball stadium project. To Montreal.

On Tuesday, opposition parties in Quebec said funding from public funds for the construction of a baseball stadium in Montreal in the midst of the epidemic was unpredictable.

FitzGibbon Open

Earlier in the day, Finance Minister Pierre FitzGibbon refused to dismiss the avenue.

“There is no project I have not seen. My responsibility for Quebeckers is to look after all the projects, ”he said.

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The minister was responding to a question by Quebec Solidair (QS) MP Vincent Marisal, a spokesman for the Second Opposition Group on Economic Affairs in the study of additional allocations.

At the same time, the finance minister said it was his responsibility to look at all projects that could “enrich Quebecars”.

“I didn’t know in advance about the qualification or investing in the stadium,” he explained.

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