December 4, 2023

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Teachers may be given priority for vaccination in mid-April

Selon le Snuipp dans la Manche, l'ouverture du vaccin aux enseignants serait une bonne chose.

Vaccinating teachers is one of Snoop’s requests. In La Manche, the announcement by President Emmanuel Macron was welcomed by one of its members, Erwan Saladin. In the middle, or by the end of April Announced acceleration of vaccine campaign, He can do like his peers Be a priority To receive an injection. “Even 6-8 months after we sound the alarm bell, when we have the means, we can congratulate ourselves.“, He explains.

Protect very fragile

According to the latter, vaccination would be a step in the defense of vaccination staff: “We need to protect schools where we see pollution rates exploding, perhaps less on the channel, but in many places“.The most It especially reduces tension Within the workforce. “It is true that we have more or less young and vulnerable staff. Some coworkers who identify specific weaknesses are not responsible for coming to class and are therefore replaced.

Without getting into the discussion, Erwan Saladin adds that at one point the lack of staff seems even greater. Replacements are needed more. However, he is waiting to see the ways in which teachers will be granted for vaccination after giving priority and how long it will take to vaccinate everyone.

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