July 1, 2022

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Australia: After floods, Tarantula warning

Australia: After floods, Tarantula warning

What if the catastrophic floods still got the worst for the Australians? Authorities warned on Wednesday that homes that had escaped rising waters could now experience the onslaught of fleeing tarantulas.

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Part of the state of New South Wales, including some parts of Sydney, has been submerged for several days due to torrential rains.

Residents therefore welcomed the return of the blue sky on Wednesday. But they quickly received a warning from the “emergency” – and terrible – authorities: they must be prepared to arriveAtrox robustus, The most venomous tarantula in the world, is native to the Sydney area.

“Warming temperatures and the presence of high humidity form the perfect cocktail for an explosionAtrox robustus In the next few days, ”said Tim Faulkner, director of the Australian Reptile Park.

“After the devastating floods we experienced in Greater Sydney, they were evicted from their homes and sheltered in dry areas,” he explained.

“It means that unfortunately they will enter homes very soon.”

Pictures of Tarantulas fleeing flood-prone areas have gone viral in recent days, showing spiders climbing fences and buildings.

L ‘Atrox robustus (Sydney Funnel-Web Spider) is afraid of its venom and very fast acting venom. Fewer than 13 human deaths have been officially reported due to the bite of this tarantula.

However, no fatal attacks have occurred since the development of a serum in the early 1980s.

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The Australian Reptile Park, which has stocks of serum, was asked to catch a “courageous” tarantula and bring it to the collection areas.