June 30, 2022

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Miami | Wasek Pospisil went after the ATP boss and was evicted

Miami |  Wasek Pospisil went after the ATP boss and was evicted

(Miami) The sun shone on Wednesday in the first round of the Masters 1000 in Miami, but a storm erupted on N.1 Court, before Wasek Pospisil blew his wrath against ATP circuit boss Andrea Goudenzi, before apologizing.

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McKenzie McDonald’s (6-3, 4-6, 6-3) became more of a story than an event at the end of the first round, as a result of qualifying the American elimination of the Canadian.

Pospisil first hit the ball in frustration on the court, before hitting a racquet on the ground. Then, while working 5-3 and 40-15 in the first set, he took a penalty point for insulting the language, thus losing the first set.

When asked by referee Arnad Gabas at the time of his transfer on the grounds of anger, Pospisil replied: “What is happening today? Yesterday, for an hour and a half, the ATP president yelled at me at a players’ meeting for trying to unite players. For an hour and a half. Owner of ATP. ”

“Get him out of here… Chloe ఎందుకు Why can I tolerate this?” », Continued 67E The world, talking about Andrea Goudenzi.

A few hours later, the player expressed regret on Twitter. “I want to sincerely apologize for my behavior on the court. I have disrespected the game I love and I am sorry for that.”

“By description, I was very upset at the meeting between the players and the ATP officials last night, and … I underestimated the weight of these emotions until I entered the court today. Once again, sorry for my behavior and the language I used,” he added.

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Endowments in question

At the end of last summer, Pospisil, a great member of the ATP Players’ Council until then, resigned as a co-founder of the organization, the world number one Novak Djokovic, the Association of Tennis Experts (PTPA), a parallel and independent body.

In November, he told a podcast on tennis.com that PTPA’s goal was to ensure that players were “adequately represented”. “With this organization we really have the potential to influence major decisions that affect our livelihood.”

Similarly, John Isner highlighted earlier on Wednesday that he was questioning players about the decline in endowments at tournaments on the circuit, including the Miami Masters 1000, which has risen from 35 1.35 million for singles winners in 2019 to just 300,000 this year.

“There is a slight misunderstanding of how these endowments are handled and why they amount,” he said, adding that “with the shortage coming from the ticket office, our wallets are dwindling,” the epidemic of the coronavirus era.

“But some players are wondering why it’s so low. The circuit has implemented a strategy of more or less managing first – round endowments, but the quarterfinals, semi – finals and finals have been significantly reduced,” the Underline American, which competed on Friday.

When asked about the PTPA, which he was also a member of last year, Isner said, “Eventually it will be healthy for the circuit, although some people disagree with me.”