July 3, 2022

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New format for the NHL World Gaming Championship

New format for the NHL World Gaming Championship

This is the first time NHL teams have competed in this year’s NHL World Gaming Championships.

Each North American player will have the opportunity to represent one of the 31 clubs on the Betman circuit, as well as the 32nd surprise team named in honor of the NHL Sport Community, with conditions to qualify for the Grand Final.

As with previous editions of the tournament, the competition takes place in Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) game mode.

The first round of the tournament will take place over a four-week period from April 7 to May 2. Each week, participants are required to play a maximum of 25 online games with other players registered in the tournament. EA forms the leaderboard of the week and the top 32 players from each console (XBOX and PS4) win Collectible, Which allows them to advance to the next round. A total of 256 players will qualify for the Club Finals or 128 for the console.

In this second round, we will attend 32 mini-tournaments, in which eight players will compete (four on each console). The 32 winners will then represent an NHL team – or the Sports Community team – and meet in the third and final round of the tournament.

For the final round, four groups are formed with eight players. Two-thirds of Club Finals winners cross the sword in the playoffs, with only one player being crowned tournament winner and awarded $ 25,000.

The winner on the European side will also win a total of $ 12,000. Note that the total prize pool is $ 100,000.

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