December 6, 2023

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Outtoys on the edge of the red range

Outtoys on the edge of the red range

Public Health warned Wednesday that the outreach room for maneuvering is dwindling and if the situation is not brought under control quickly, the area will have to return to the red zone.

Arian KrollArian Kroll

“If we do not control the situation very quickly, we will have to think about level change, we are there,” D warned.Back Brigitte Pinard, Acting Director of Public Health of the CISSS de l’utaouais, at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

The area recorded another four active outbreaks in two days, now at 29, from 25 on Monday. Are in the third (10) schools, with 54 classes currently closed.

Public Health again recommended limiting the population, more urgently, to open spaces frequently, for example, by frequently recommending a maximum of one or two open spaces per day, and not going to the grocery store. Once or twice a week.

“Every time we go to public places, we have to take into account the possibility of exposure,” underlined DBack Pinard.

The investigation and contact follow-up team includes more than 100 people, including visits to restaurants and training rooms, the public health acting director said.

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