March 21, 2023

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When gaming academy students find places in the LFL

When gaming academy students find places in the LFL

* AAa *’s partner, Sport study sees Leonois Gaming Academy paying for work: most students now earn a place on the teams of the second division of the LFL. Solari: We met a man playing at Clante “Iva” Oylan.

A French training center

Work of Established Sport Gaming Academy, Hosted with 3 higher education schools (G.Business, G.Tech and G.Art) Gaming Campus, In recent months, especially in the League of Legends scene, has begun to bear fruit with many students who could win on some of the teams in the LFL’s second division.

Philippe “Acabane” Lay, Raphael “Lingvi” Claude, Antoine “Ethnic” Roland or “Clinton” Iva “Olean, who plays today in” Div 2 “are also part of the gaming academy’s promotions or offering a course Sport study League on League of Legends & Fortnight and free for 10 athletes selected after the draft. To find out more about his career the league is still trying to ask some questions to Iva, the AD carry of the Solari Academy establishment. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Clante “Iva” Oylan:
I am 21 years old, and I grew up in a small village called Civiriux de Azargeus, on the outskirts of Lyon.

How did you find out about Sport?
Actually it is dated, I don’t really remember it, probably the first time Gota saw it in CoD.

What was your educational background before joining the gaming academy?
I finished my ESback, I joined an info-com college, I wanted to be a war reporter. A few months at university didn’t impress me, so I decided to integrate a preparation for Science-Po during the year. But a month before the competition I decided to pierce and get into the sport. It gave me some difficult days with my parents, but I’m sorry. Becoming a pro player is not now or forever, science-po I can take later.

Most students train on the campus of the Gaming Academy

Why did you decide to join the gaming academy’s sport study?
I joined the gaming academy because it was the best way for me to get started in Sport‌ while keeping a background and good supervision in case of failure. I know now, I couldn’t mentally hold myself in my room to train myself. I go to the gaming academy campus every day, it seems like nothing but it is very important to separate the work space and the rest area. In addition, I have very important sports, technical and psychological coaches. Psychological trainer in particular, this preparation has been underestimated in my view Sport ఎస్. We also follow more traditional courses to maintain a good level of education.

How is your school training in sport study?
Dedicated to morning lessons, for example: English / Sport. And we attend project courses regularly. Sometimes we have a project that lasts one to two weeks, for example we have a public speaking project. During this project we will publicly improve our speech, we will have protection before the jury to verify the skills acquired at the end of the project.

iWa Bruce appeared on Toussaint’s show (starting at 9:10)

How did you join the Solari team?
I took part in the test phase and was selected.

Can you manage your schedule between your gaming academy schedule and the solari schedule?
Yes it is possible with company but you have to make some sacrifices, I will spend less time with my family, my friends and my girlfriend. Especially on LFL2 match days.

What is the hardest part for you?
High levels of stress are just like any other sport, you have to be the best of them all!

Fortnight Knight with Lollipop Games provided by the Gaming Academy’s Sport Study

Solari also has a team in the first division. Do you work together?
Not so far, this year the LFL level is very high. But yes we are talking, and Samchaka’s assistant coach is working with us. As more time passes and we have the opportunity to work with the first team, we make a lot of progress.

Want to steal Azza’s place in the first team?
Why not, yes, but still have a long way to go, I already had a short overview at the beginning of the year at MCES 🙂 Azza is a great player, it’s not that easy.

Where do you expect to see yourself in two years?
Truth be told I don’t know, the environment is very volatile and I like to focus on the present.

If the level of the game is at the forefront of a player’s career, other skills are just as important: the ability to communicate effectively in front of the media, learning marketing concepts to learn “how to sell yourself”, having ideas, community management, etc. to create a fan base. The academy relies on coaching its players.

The latter provides services to the general public, such as one-week sport courses in addition to collective and private coaching. If you are interested in studying Sport, see This page, Because opening to apps should not be delayed!

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