July 1, 2022

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Amir Attaran case: Green party chief regularly denies

Amir Attaran case: Green party chief regularly denies

The leader of the Green Party of Canada condemned the remarks made by Professor Amir Attaran about Quebec, just hours after confirming that he had done well to express his opinion.

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“Professor Attaron’s comments are not acceptable,” Annami Paul said in a statement sent by his team this evening.

“Recognizing the existence of systemic racism is one thing, keeping everyone in the same bag is another. These comments do not reflect my experience with Quebecs, I do not consider Quebec to be a racist province,” she said.

A professor at the University of Ottawa called Quebec “Northern Alabama” and Premier Legalt a “white supremacist.”

In an interview with TVA Novelle on Wednesday morning, Amir Attaran, the first black woman to lead a federal political party, said she had “the right to express herself.”

“If that’s her opinion, it’s a very good idea to put ideas in the public domain for exchange,” she said.

Annami Paul said the refusal of elected officials to recognize the existence of systemic racism in Canada is frustrating.

According to Annami Paul, many immigrants and people of color in Quebec “do not feel at home”.

“It’s almost impossible to attack systemic racism if we do not recognize its existence. .

Budget and spring elections

Despite saying elections this spring were undesirable due to the epidemic, the Green Party has not yet committed to supporting a minority government in a confidence vote on the budget to be submitted on April 19.

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“The Green Party still has red lines,” assured Annami Paul, referring specifically to the fight against climate change.

If the New Democratic Party (NDP) MPs abstain, the vote will reach the level of three green MPs in the Commons.