December 8, 2022

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For Singh, throwing up Quebec doesn’t matter

For Singh, throwing up Quebec doesn’t matter

Aamir Attaran, who talks about a lot these days, is not interesting in himself. He bellows, insults, and loops some of the labels he believes he has to stick to Quebec.

Attaran is not a light. Furthermore, he is interesting in the way he reveals sociology. Through him, part of Canada began to vomit again on Cubans.

Thus, the day before yesterday, NDP member Matthew Green retweeted Attarn’s comments very positively and we found that he found himself in his comments when he accused Franకోois Legalt and Quebec of falling into “white supremacy”.

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What did Jagmeet Singh do to bring his MP back into order? Nothing.

If he recalls terribly that he disagreed with her, in his opinion, all Quebecars are racist (thank you, thank you, Jagmeet !!!), “A member of a race who has had experiences in his life, who fights against systemic racism, who has the right to express himself, and that is important.”

Wow! So who has the right to be insulted depending on skin color? Should we talk about the “right to racism”?

In the name of their “feelings”, do the latter have “non-racial” rights? Is the concept controversial enough to give the right to cause corruption and defamation?

At the very least, that is what Jagmeet Singh suggested.

We must return to the words used. We are talking about white supremacy here.

The term, as we know it, comes from the United States and is completely foreign to our history. We do not see how he will come to define Quebec political culture. Except for believing that historically all “white” societies are interchangeable and that all have the same kind of suffering.

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Unfortunately, today it is taught in many universities. We call this process of crushing the diversity of countries, peoples and cultures in the name of skin color racism. It is poison to the mind.

Whoever accuses Quebec of “white supremacy”, regardless of the color of its skin, shows terrible colonialism towards our people, which combines Anglo-Saxon arrogance with the ideological stupidity of the radical left and the fascinating flaw of culture.

Dominance ???

All of these together lead to an intoxicating cocktail of some part of English Canada.

More broadly, Canada is locked into racist multiculturalism for good. Quebec rejects it and believes in the virtues of the country, secularism, universality.

Separatists For a long time, for good reason, our two countries could not coexist because their interests were fundamentally different. We must now add that they have subscribed to two contradictory and irreversible notions about the future of our civilization.

And the longer we stay in Canada, the more this worldview will rub off on us.

Quebec independence is an important emergency.