February 24, 2024

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Gatino: A serious altercation between the mayor and the director general

Gatino: A serious altercation between the mayor and the director general

The animated brawl, marked by attempted dismissal and official notice, has been going on for more than a week between Gatino Meyer and his director general at a public square.

To defuse tensions, following information reported by a media outlet in the area, city executive committee chairman Cedric Tessier looked fit to air a short video on Friday in which he said his committee was running behind closed doors. File of Director General Mary-Helen Lazoi.

«[Tous] Met with municipal councilors [vendredi] Morning to report [cette] Condition. I reiterate that HR files should not be discussed in public, confirming the right hand of Mayor Maxim Pednad-Jabin.

According to the Le Droit newspaper, the elected officials of the mayoral party, Action Gatino, prefer to break the general manager’s contract, but not the majority opinion of the municipal council until it is up to the next elected council to decide its fate.

Believing himself to be a victim of the “constructive and abusive elimination” attempt, Director General Maxim Pednad-Jabin responded by placing a notice to protect his reputation and to see that his rights in relation to this conflict are respected. A month.

Marie-Helen Lazoi’s contract was renewed for six years in 2018 with an annual salary of 279,000.

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