May 23, 2022

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North Korean missiles | Pyongyang calls Biden’s comments “provocative.”

North Korean missiles |  Pyongyang calls Biden's comments "provocative."

(Seoul) North Korea on Saturday accused US President Joe Biden of “interfering” and “provoking” Pyongyang in a missile fire this week.

France Media Agency

In a statement released by the official KCNA news agency, a senior North Korean official, Ri Pyong Chol, predicted that the President of the United States would show “extreme hostility” towards Pyongyang in his statements and warned that such remarks could be repeated. Leading to “negative consequences” for Washington.

North Korea, a nuclear power, has been using its military tests regularly for years to increase tensions in its disputed relationship with the United States.

She fired a test shot on Thursday at what she described as a new “guided tactical projectile” with a solid fuel engine.

Two models of the device were fired at targets in the Sea of ​​Japan from the east of North Korea on Thursday morning, known as the East Sea in Korea.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga immediately declared the projectiles “two ballistic missiles”, a category of equipment banned from development and launch in North Korea by several resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.

Pyongyang’s “deep concern”

As head of the Japanese government, Joe Biden considered the UN resolutions related to the North Korea test a “violation.”

And issued a warning to the President of the United States Pyongyang. “We are contacting our partners and allies. (North Korean leaders) If you choose to calm down there will be answers. We will respond accordingly,” he said.

Mr Biden’s reaction was severely criticized by Rio Pyongyang, the same senior official who reportedly oversaw the shooting on Thursday.

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“Such remarks on behalf of the President of the United States are a controversial intervention and provocation on our state’s right to self – defense,” Ri said in a statement.

North Korea has expressed grave concern over the “mistake of the American executive chief as a simple test, a violation of UN resolutions” exercising our state’s right to self – defense.

Mr Ri lamented that Mr Biden had expressed “extreme hostility” to Pyongyang in this way. “I think the new US administration has made clear its first mistake,” he wrote.


In return, a senior North Korean official issued a warning to Washington. “If the United States continues with its malicious remarks without thinking about the consequences, it will have to face that it is not good,” he wrote.

North Korea, for its part, hopes to “continue to build up greater military power.”

In a pamphlet that refrained from using the terms “missile” and “ballistic”, KCNA said on Friday that the two projectiles had reached their targets precisely at sea after traveling 600 kilometers.

The machine tested successfully will have a payload of 2.5 tonnes, the official agency said.

The North Korean test on Thursday caused concern not only in Washington and its regional allies, but also in its European allies.

European members of the United Nations Security Council have called on their partners in the forum to convene a North Korean firing squad, diplomatic sources said.

The Security Council took over

The meeting, which was wanted by France, Estonia, Ireland, Norway and the United Kingdom, was scheduled to take place in the middle of Tuesday, behind closed doors, the same sources said.

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On Friday morning, diplomats said the UN sanctions committee, which is in charge of North Korea, which connects 15 member states of the Security Council, at the initiative of the United States, had asked a UN team of experts to investigate the shooting on Thursday.

Also on Friday, the UN Security Council passed a resolution extending the deadline to April 30, 2022, with UN experts tasked with overseeing the application of various forms of heavy economic sanctions against Pyongyang.

Despite Security Council resolutions granting nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, North Korea, led by its leader Kim Jong-un, has significantly increased its military capability in recent years.

It has conducted several nuclear tests and is equipped with long-range ballistic missiles capable of reaching the entire continental United States.

Under the presidency of Donald Trump, there was an excellent agreement between MM marked by two historic highs. Trump and Kim. But that did not lead to progress towards North Korea’s nuclear disarmament.