May 17, 2022

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All minorities ... except Francophones

We cannot defend freedom of expression and deny it in practice. In other words, from my coworker Tap Isabelle Hachi has already written this, and I condemn those who want to exclude Professor Attaron. According to this Canadian-American professor of Iranian descent, Quebec and the so-called white supremacist Franకోois Legalt were the second to use grenades to attack its government.

This professor seems to spend more time on Twitter than in his classroom, preferring to devote more time to posting tweets than reading his colleagues ’files. And apparently, he had never read Quebec history. If anyone truly believes in freedom of expression, the circulation of ideas and opinions, there is no question of his resignation.

However, the university that hires him can grant him. But, due to its rector, Jacques Fremont, the company seems to have two policies. Professor Verushka Lieutenant-Duval accuses and suspends her about the “n word” and she agrees with the student who condemns her for subtly attacking her by uttering the cursed word in her presence. Professor Attaron faced criticism for his insulting remarks.

Two weights

Do you remember during the last election campaign, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh declared his love for Quebeckers? The same Singh who had condemned the lecturer, now his “racist” deputy, Matthew Green, refused to give the Attar censor speech.

Everyone is in favor of free speech, but when it comes to standing up for people who disagree with our views and who we are, this is a different story. In short, there are fewer freedom fighters than you think.

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That is why we absolutely need the rule of law. Quoting Churchill, democracy alone is far from perfect, far too few in political systems.

New racism

In this age where Western values ​​are being abused, authoritarian temptation resides in many citizens, where ideological currents based on exclusion, censorship and anti-racism are bubbling up, ideological currents are bubbling up during this cursed period — the racism epidemic. Intellectual, true freedom of expression makes it difficult to assert oneself.

In this case, the Quebec National Assembly unanimously decided to condemn the professor’s unworthy remarks, saying “it is unfortunate that Canadian institutions refuse to intervene to end these attacks against the people. Quebec Nation.”

However, almost all of Canada refuses to recognize Quebec’s existence as a nation. In view of the multicultural “shore-to-shore”, Quebeckers have already merged with others into one cultural community. In contrast, the French language, less and less valuable, is more and more folk and, as we read in the NGO statement, a big disadvantage for future immigrants.

Justin Trudeau, with his eyes fixed on the next federal election, called for an end to “Quebec” Bashing .

Will Canada listen to its Prime Minister?