May 23, 2022

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B1NGO officially at LinVision Gamingమి

B1NGO officially at LinVision Gamingమి

China player XueBing “B1NGO” Die has been on trial since January, now he will be wearing their jersey for the upcoming season and thus Jouxing “Jinkoing” C and Yinon “Mr.

If you bother me you go on the bench!

We can not make transfers only in Western countries and contrary to what we think, the Asian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scenario is as active as ever. For many months, the epidemic with a very limited effect switching on at home as well as on Valentine was not really true. It must be said that the pool of players is just enormous and many are still coming fresh in the world of electronic sports. Whatever the structures, they are generally solid and have the military management of their players. This is especially the case with LinVision Gaming (LVG), which has an unfortunate tendency to keep you on the bench, and then let you play again before leaving the servers …

B1NGO at WESG with the EHOME team TomorrowLAN

True, the hiring process is very laborious and we will not take tweezers with you. First of all there is a testing phase, which is more or less long (we have the impression that more time will pass and the club will make this period longer), then you will sign your contract after you have observed well. But if a more interesting profile presents itself, the results are not good or your behavior is no longer appropriate, you will be placed directly on the bench as punishment. Other profiles at this point may want to be tested when we’ve resolved your topic. If the mood touches us and you apologize for being bad and not listening to the instructions properly, you can finally find your place. For example, what happened to Yinon “Mr. Mao” Wangzhou, the second came in May 2020 for testing to replace Yufon “Yvonne” Guo, a month later he signed his contract, he was on the bench on September 2, Heng put in place the “Expro” Yangzhou in his place . Two weeks later, after an apology, Mao was allowed to play again with his teammates as a sixth man. And then when XueBing spotted “B1NGO” Dine, he was kicked out.

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Now back to XueBing “B1NGO” Dai’s day appointment. The 21-year-old is a big name in the Chinese scene. He especially played for Big Time Regal Gaming in 2018 or also for EHOME in 2019 and Team Zero.TSG in 2020. Since coming to the test at LVG, he has allowed the team to win entirely in local competition: Hua Dark Horse League Season 7 is still bringing in $ 3000. The highlight of his B1NGO career was when he played for EHOME two years ago. In qualifying for EPICENTER 2019 he and his team were able to defeat local giant TYLOO, which allowed the team to travel to Moscow and find the world top there. After two losses on Vitality (12-16 Inferno / 01-16 Nuke) and Heroic (05-16 Inferno / 01-16 Nuke), they return home after the opportunity to participate in a great event and thereby their judge level. Being LVG’s new fifth person, Heng finds XueBing’s former teammate in “Expro” Yang, two friends who played together on Team Zero.TSG. The next official release for the team is the Asian Qualifiers for the Funspark ULT 2021 Season 1, which runs from March 29 to April 11.

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