May 27, 2022

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Distributed by Eric Stahl “Rotten Weather”

Distributed by Eric Stahl "Rotten Weather"

If one relies on a 10-point record in 32 games, Eric Stall, 36, will display the veteran’s general profile at the end of the roll. Two journalists contacted by are reassured about the new acquisition of Montreal Canadians.

Joe Jordan covers Buffalo Sabers for the Associated Press. He was very forgiving when called upon to make a fair and reasonable assessment of Stall’s short visit to the border town, due to the adverse and toxic weather affecting the organization.

When we take a full measure of what happens with a completely dysfunctional team of Sabers‌, we suspect that the change of scenery will be accompanied by a smile on the experience. In addition to being shut out for the seventh time this season, we are talking about a team that suffered its 16th consecutive defeat last Thursday.

“Apparently, this is a rotten environment for him,” Jordan said in a telephone interview. It is difficult to assess his game considering all the difficulties the team experienced. That’s not that great. He’s not the man who won the cup with the Hurricanes in 2006, but if you ‘re looking for someone who can bring stability to the third or fourth row, I think he’s going to get the job done.

“I see he can not help the Canadians in any way. This is a good center. A loyal veteran. I’m sure he’s surprised to come out of this mess.”

Terrible casting

The manner in which head coach Ralph Krueger (recently fired) used his players this season has also raised many doubts.

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“They constantly cheated the trio,” Jordan said. Stall Cody played with Ekin and Victor Olofsson for a while, and Ekin has been terrible so far. Olofsson was in trouble from five to five.

“They tried it with Jeff Skinner, but he’s had a bad time with Kruger, it’s become another soap opera. He’s played a little bit with Sam Reinhardt, the most consistent player this year.

“That’s why it was so hard for me to confirm his production this year. Some of those three were confused… they didn’t make much sense.”

In Jordan’s view, the stall remains an effective hub with its 6’4 “, 194-pound frame working puck.

“He can support his winger and give them chances to shoot on goal and score. When it comes to his shot, say he’s not a bad guy. Stall is a game maker. He’s more consistent in this area.

“He can use it to rotate his body around the net. If you need to pack him in the back of the terrain, he can definitely do that.”

Photo credit: AFP

The decline is slow

If there is reason to believe that there is still gasoline in the stall tank, it is above all, because he has a 47-point season in 66 games with the Minnesota Wild last year.

However, Giles Ferrell, the journalist covering the Wild, saw some setbacks in his last year with the team in the Stall game.

His age began to show, especially during the tough parts of the calendar.

“He’s playing big minutes for the Wild: there have been instances where the quality of his game has betrayed his age,” Ferrell said. When Wild played two games in two nights or four games in six nights, they took it a little further.

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“If he takes a few days off, you’ll see the difference in the next game. He’s excited.”

The stall, which no longer skates with the explosion of sunny days, seemed more comfortable when surrounded by fast players.

“He played well with guys who were famous for their speed,” Ferrell said. He is in his best position in these situations because he can infiltrate public spaces in the danger zone and create an attack.

“He had great chemistry with Kevin Fiola last year. He’s in the process of blooming.”

Unfortunately, for the stall, the CH calendar is even more condensed, with four games having to be restarted by the end of the regular season; Three against the Edmonton Oilers and one against the Ottawa Senators.

To keep him up to date and available for the playoffs, head coach Dominic Ducharm could choose an alternative system with Jake Evans in the middle of the fourth line in two game situations on two nights. Paul Byron’s legs help Stall demonstrate his full potential.

Either way, Stall arrives in Montreal with the experience and desire to win with him.

“For him, it’s the team above all else,” Ferrell said. It will play wherever you put it. He wants to win the playoffs again.

“When he landed in Minnesota in 2016-2017, he seemed to be there for a long time. It should not take long to get used to in Montreal.

“Effort is not a problem with him. He always gives his 100%. Under the right circumstances, he can definitely do good things with Canadians.”

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