March 20, 2023

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Gaming | Sport – League of Legends: Carmine Corp wins LFL Spring

Gaming |  Sport - League of Legends: Carmine Corp wins LFL Spring

Founded this summer, Cometo and Prime’s young team easily defeated the Misfits Premier (3-0) in the final of the French League of Legends

By Patrick Latramolier

About a year ago, the team, formerly known as Cometo Corp, joined the French Second Division of the League of Legends. Over the summer, Cometo Corp became Carmine Corp after a collaboration between Cometo and Prime. She then recruited new players and later joined the LFL by replacing another team in the off-season. And just a few months after it was created, Carmine Corp won the spring section of the French Championship yesterday.

Carmine Corp, which reached the LFL for the spring 2021 segment, was announced as an outsider at the start of the competition. A few more weeks later, the team proved to be a formidable opponent. Despite a slightly awful start, KCorp was able to adapt and quickly climbed the table. In the spring section, she hardened and gained a certain confidence that was associated with great team unity. After the LFL regular season, KCorp finally finished in first place and secured a ticket to the playoff final.

On Thursday evening, March 25, almost like a flawless career, Carmine Corp defeated the Spring division in the playoff final against the Misfits Premier (3-0). In one match at BO5 (three winning rounds), this time KCorp confirmed its ascent to a fully deserved victory. After a few months of existence, the team now boasts of being the best in France.

Beyond its exceptional career, Carmine Corp has been successful in generating great excitement during LFL 2021. Keckorp was able to count his “ultras”, as Cometo calls them, a large number of supporters who supported his team to the end, posted his “blue wall” in twitch chats, even in difficult times. Carmine Corp, now the French champion, has not yet said his last word and hopes to further this feat and conquer the continental landscape at the main event of the European Masters Spring 2021.

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