December 1, 2023

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Montreal East Tincture | “The mayor has no passing grade,” said Chantal Rowley

Montreal East Tincture |  "The mayor has no passing grade," said Chantal Rowley

Valerie Plante should constantly use the millions paid by Quebec for its projects without begging for funds, the minister in charge of the metropolis and Montreal area gave a surprising power on Friday.

Philip Teissira-LessardPhilip Teissira-Lessard

In the interview Tap, Generally prudent Chantal Rowley admitted on Thursday that he was “very disappointed” with Valerie Plante’s half-hearted response to the regional budget, especially on the monetization of East Montreal and social housing.

“Valerie Plante gave a score of 6.5 / 10 for the budget”, underlined MTo me Rowley made the remarks in a press conference last Thursday. “I can tell you that the mayor did not have a passing grade for tanning east of Montreal.”

In his opinion, things are going much slower than Quebec expected by allocating $ 100 million to the project in 2019.

“We need to see the earth being polluted now, but it’s not,” he lamentedTo me Rowley shatters the picture of a friendly understanding between Meyers and himself.

The money invested in the city is still in the city boxes and will not be used for monetization.

Chantal Rowley, Minister in charge of the Metropolis and Montreal area

On Thursday, Valerie Plante said she “expected to have a memorable amount on this occasion” for the tanning east of Montreal, which was not at Rendezvous. She feared that Quebec would be ready to deploy the Eastern Metropolitan Express Network (REM) before the land was polluted if it delayed the second payment of 100 million promised at the beginning of its order.

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There is nothing to fear, Chantal Rowley said. “I do not think we will allow the city’s sensitivity to prevent the completion of the Eastern REM, this is a very important project. In the case of the second payment, it will come after getting accurate results, the minister assured us of 200 million.” ”

In the mayor’s office, Valerie Plante stressed both the strengths and weaknesses of the regional budget.

“Myers explained that the budget responded well to emergencies in terms of health, education and economic recovery,” said Youssef Amane, her communications director.

He said Plante was working with the administration minister on the tanning file. “So she knew what was coming,” he said. We feel it is important to start planning for the next projects already. ”

“This door is expensive”

When it comes to social housing – there is another critique from Valerie Plante towards the budget – Chantal Rowley accused the administration of dragging its feet with investments from Quebec. “Since we were in office, 460 million has been allocated to the city of Montreal [de l’entente] Reflex Montreal, she said. To date, only 80 habitations have survived the earthquake. The door is expensive. ”

The minister, a former mayor of the Riviere-des-Prairies-Point-Ox-Trembles borough, immediately noted that other projects were planned or under construction and could not be social housing in a few months. But this record is disappointing, in his opinion.

“Reflex Montreal gives all the latitudes, gives the city everything it needs in terms of housing in terms of resources or powers,” Minister Rowley said. Myers has money in her boxes. She can act, she can build. She has no fault. ”

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At City Hall, we see things differently.

The needs of the metropolis in terms of housing are well known. Currently, the Quebec government has thousands of housing projects awaiting funding across Montreal and Quebec.

Yusuf Amane, Director of Communications

According to OmTo me Rowley, the housing file Quebec is representative of a method of losing patience.

“Every time, Myers asks for more money, more money. But we don’t always see results, she denies. This is shocking, because so much money is being invested. You should see the results: we do not currently have it. Mayors should always take action without asking for lakhs. ”

On Thursday, Valerie Plante indicated that her teams were still analyzing the budget to calculate the total amounts eligible for Montreal. But already, she was told to stay hungry.

“We are the epicenter of the epidemic. We are very upset,” she said. In this idea of ​​green and comprehensive recovery, I like to have very strong actions. ”

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