June 30, 2022

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The gifts they give us are so much more than biological

The gifts they give us are so much more than biological

The retirees of the late Group Capitals Medias (GCM), who lost nearly 30% of their retirement pensions, can no longer see the Legalt government distributing millions of dollars to businesses affiliated with Desmorise.

“We are swimming with immorality from the beginning, and the government is turning a blind eye,” lamented their spokesman Pierre Pelchat, who was frustrated to see Quebec Electric unleash the strings of its purse to help the Lion and YapDirect.

“If they need money they ‘give them’ forgivable loans’. Let’s see! They don’t need money, these people. These are our taxes,” he said.

Still unprotected in Quebec

Like him, 800 of them are angry because their pensions have been slashed from 26 to 29% a year and they risk losing more once the benefit plan they defined ends.

Contrary to what is happening in Ontario, their retirement pensions are still unprotected, the group stressed. For example, those who have retired from the newspaper Is good And former employees Soleil, In Ottawa, almost no casualties as he worked in a neighboring province on the other side of the Ottawa River.

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