March 30, 2023

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UFC – Francis Ngannow becomes champion

UFC - Francis Ngannow becomes champion

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Francis Nganow (16-3) wins UFC Heavyweight title from Stip Myosic (20-3) with a knockout victory. In the 2nd round.

“It feels incredible! Although I struggled for a long time, there was something inside me that I never got out of. The promise I made to myself from a young age to prove that I was against people who suspected me. “

Ngannou quickly communicated his intentions to the miosic. In the opening moments of the fight he hit the target several times, limiting even the punches of the miosic.

From the start of the 2nd round, Ngannou finished the work by bending the miosic legs with powerful strikes.

Ngannou takes his revenge on Miosic, who lost to Miosic in UFC 220. He became a world champion at the age of 34 for the first time in his career.

Miosic suffers its first loss since UFC 226, losing to Daniel Carmier in the trio’s first fight.

Excellent look at the semi-finals

In the semi-final fight of the evening, Vicente Look (19-7) was excellent and thanks in the 1st round for submitting against Tyrone Woodley (19-6) in Welterweight.

With almost two minutes left in the round, Luke hit his opponent hard.

However, Woodley refused to go on the field and also responded well.

Look followed with a good combination, eventually sending Woodley to the ground and then giving him the submission, which gave him a third consecutive win.

In the case of Woodley, the 38-year-old American suffered his 4th consecutive defeat.

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