December 8, 2022

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“We must make choices to slow this process”

"We must make choices to slow this process"

The Boss-Saint-Laurent situation has been changing over the past few days. The increase in cases, and especially the variations, raise the worst fears for the region.

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According to Meyers of Sylvie Vignet, Riviere-du-Loop, the population was shaken by this “unprecedented” phenomenon. ”

“For a few days, we were at 40-45 cases per day and by that the population was unstable,” she explains, a few weeks ago the area was used for 1-2 cases per day.

Camouraska and Riviere-du-Loop RCMs currently account for 90% of cases in the Boss-Saint-Laurent region.

Sylvie Vignet confirms that these cases came from “increased community transmission”. ”

“So we have to make choices to slow down this process,” the mayor said.

Thus, the area, which recently entered the Orange Zone, closed its 16 schools. They stay until the Easter break returns.

The mayor explained the decision because there are so many variations in the area. Of the 144 active cases, 68 of them are considered variants.

“These variations spread quickly, which is really amazing,” Sylvie Vignet said.

She still believes the spring break, as well as some of the illegal meetings that took place, will explain the increase in cases in the area.

“If the instructions had been followed, we would not have these problems today,” Ms. Vignette said.

However, Myers assures. Despite the increase in cases, she does not believe that Boss-Saint-Laurent will return to the Red Zone.

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According to her, the rapid measures taken, including the closure of schools, will enable the region to regain the upper hand.