May 21, 2022

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Cloud Gaming: GeForce Now comes to iOS and brings Fortnight with it

Cloud Gaming: GeForce Now comes to iOS and brings Fortnight with it

A big first in the small world of Cloud gaming, GeForce Now is now available on iPhone and iPad. Thanks to the Safari web-app, this service bypasses the limitations of the App Store … and brings some of its baggage Fortnight.

Finally! After several months of drought, iOS device users can finally taste the pleasures of on-demand streaming gaming. From this Thursday, November 19th, Nvidia is offering its Cloud gaming GeForce is now available on the iPhone and iPad, thanks to a web application for the Safari browser available in beta.

By making this choice of web-app, Nvidia has overcome the over-restrictive conditions of the App Store, which has so far prevented the arrival Cloud gaming On Apple’s mobile OS. True, these terms prohibit any application dedicated to streaming games from being accepted on the platform. Only the French Shadow was able to infiltrate despite everything, arguing that his service was definitely not service Cloud gaming The general purpose of a user-rented PC is clean, yet simple online access.

Nvidia is not the only company to have identified a web-application design as a solution to Apple’s instability. This is also the way Luna is served Cloud gaming From Amazon. More informally, Phil Spencer, leader of Microsoft’s video game branch, also raised the possibility of a web application to finally bring the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to iOS.

In master cards, Cyberpunk 2077… and great returns Fortnight on iOS

Nvidia will also take the opportunity to announce some new activities in its service. In particular, it will soon be possible to access the games we have on the GOG platform on GeForce Now. No schedule has been announced yet, but we suspect that Nvidia may implement this option around a specific release. Cyberpunk 2077. Available on GeForce Now (with Ray-tracing effects) since its launch on December 10, the title was originally produced by GOG owner CD Project Red.

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Last but not least, Also gives Nvidia developers the freedom to enable touch controls for their games on GeForce Now. Like Apple’s Memorial Snob, its first partner in this feature is Epic Games, which takes advantage of this opportunity. Fortnight. Yes, so by GeForce Now, after months of open battle between the game-phenomenon Epic and Apple, Head devices will be signing on to great revenues that would not be in most theaters. Like the real pro in the scene, he also learns how tiring his audience is: his touch controls are not yet finalized, so we have to wait a while before boarding the war bus again with his iPhone. .