May 20, 2022

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Former Black Cubacois MP Carol Lavalli has died

Former Black Cubacois MP Carol Lavalli has died

Carol Lavalle, a former Black Cubacois MP, recently passed away as chair of the Mary-Victorine School Board.

Philip Teissira-LessardPhilip Teissira-Lessard

The 67-year-old woman went missing on Friday, local media reported, several officials elected from Longhuil.

“Mary-Victorine, the woman with the biggest heart who led many wars in our society, greeted the MP for Catherine Fournier and announced her death. “It was a privilege and pleasure to collaborate with her when she was a member of the Federal Parliament and later when she was president of the Mary-Victorin School Board,” added Nicole Maynard, her riding neighbor, who represents Laporte in the National Assembly.

OmTo me Lavalle has been involved in the public sector since 1989, when he took over communications responsibilities for the party Cubacois.

After 15 years behind the scenes, she was elected Member of the Federal Parliament for Saint-Bruno-Saint-Hubert from 2004 to 2011.

M. in 2014To me Lovely Mary-Victorine was elected head of the school board until the school boards were dissolved in 2020. She has since appeared as a communication consultant.

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