June 26, 2022

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Candy Pop and “Dangerous” Demands at Star Academy | Arts | The Novelist

Candy Pop and "Dangerous" Demands at Star Academy |  Arts |  The Novelist

In danger

This week three academics at risk started making comments, highlighting them and, above all, confirming that they were three great performers.

Dashney Jules showed his fragility and talent in the play Without restrictions, By Kevin Bazinet. His vocal planes were full Soul Unable to comment on the young artist’s performance, Gregory brought tears to Charles’ eyes.

Queenie Clement solved the “jaw-dropping” song as she performed I have nothing By Whitney Houston. In his own way, the young educator was nailed to the head. An extraordinary vocal performance where Gregory Charles says with tears “You are a singer”!

Finally, she vowed to retain her place at the Rosalie Ayote Academy in a composition. Hills, Written and composed by an artist from Saint-Tight, is a piano and voice tour that reveals an authentic artist, but whoever confronts it, does not really stand up to the power of explanation of her two colleagues.

With Rosalie being defended by the public and the faculty not surprising anyone when defending Queenie, against all inequalities, authenticity took precedence over weakness. So Dashney left the academy after seven weeks of training.

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