June 6, 2023

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Gaming for kids on voice assistants, not a good idea?

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Kids today are growing up in an age where technology is supreme and it can be good or bad depending on how we use it!

During lockdown, voice assistants are an alternative to screens for families. The science behind whether screen time is really bad for children is still unresolved and many experts believe it Accidents are exaggerated. However, many parents are concerned that their children are spending too much time watching tablets and TVs. For these families, voice and audio games seem like a healthy alternative. As a result, family-friendly voice games skyrocketed this pandemic year. The focus on screen time is not just the bells that our eyes stick to the screen, but the surface of most interactions. Many parents fear that their children will inherit a world that reduces true human relationships!

However, Vocal experiences Gaming often requires ination and requires more concentration and attention than just looking at the screen. What players in this field have realized!

In particular, the product designed for children, Yoto. It is an audio device designed to compete with the applications and videos that most children commonly use. It’s not like a cassette player! In fact, 2 fathers who asked themselves questions and faced modern parenthood challenges. Their long-term concerns are about the effects of high screen time on young children, with sleep disturbances and defects in motor control development… They came up with the idea of ​​a connected and wireless audio device. Using screen physical cards that children can fully control. Kickstarter campaign launched for Yoto Player In November 2017.

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Much of 2018 was spent in the UK building and developing the first generation Yoto Player with the help of a manufacturing partner. Just as we last sold the Yoto Player to consumers in August 2019, the startup is creating a new version based on feedback and lessons from their original product. The new Yoto player offers a better design, but it has additional features including a built-in battery, stereo sound, Bluetooth connectivity and three different play modes. It is complete with an ever-growing content library, which includes some of the best children’s sounds from the authors …

The idea is definitely not new, the age at which children are exposed to smart devices is becoming less and less. Most companies are already using educational apps for kids. However, the company has created a service that stimulates ination and creativity through learning rather than interest and entertainment. Mflare, For example, is intended to provide children with different ideas, personality, ination and creativity. They have created hundreds of cards with 2D code that you can insert into the reader projecting the story! There is also an app on iOS and Android to stream the Picture Book Reading platform.


Most of these games run on voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. Over the years, many voice services dedicated to children have emerged, far ahead of US skills! Businesses too Wally It creates voice-activated entertainment experiences for Amazon Alexa, Google Home and smartphones.

In Amazon US, Animal exercise Allows children to become different animals while exercising. Animal exercise provides words of encouragement as you go to increase motivation and confidence. This skill is great for rainy days and sunny days! Amazon Story time Contains over 100 news articles with complete recording of everything from bedtime stories to witty stories.

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On Amazon FR, My Musical Garden, An interactive and personalized music universe with over 1,500 first names, intended for children ages 2 to 6 years old. Nursery rhymes with Leon, a rabbit from the Musical Garden, allows you to listen to rhymes, stories and songs! He will guide you in your choices anytime during the experience! Multiplication tables, This skill intended for CP and CE1, is ideal for learning and editing multiplication tables alone and while having fun!

Don’t forget to configure your assistants Amazon And Google For your children.