July 5, 2022

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The Resurrection of Coderre | The Journal of Montreal

The Resurrection of Coderre |  The Journal of Montreal

For personal reasons rather than political, Denise Coder lost control of her career. Hence his ejection from the post of mayor of Montreal.

He returned as Montreal mayoral candidate. His book, published these days, provides a basis for a return to the political forefront. He chose TLMEP, where he promised to find the highest audience. Man does not hate democracy. Its television performance is actually capable of reversible.

Note that the resurrected transfiguration does not wait to reveal himself for Easter, the feast of Jesus’ resurrection. It will therefore be a holy week for Denis Coderre, who is part of the Christian process. His own Stations of the Cross have been painful so far. You will not lose a hundred pounds and you will not indulge in introspection without losing your lightning, ego and pride. Humility is not his first attribute, but we perceive more empathy and doubt in him.

New Vision

The man agreed more. He has some secrets to politics and his vision of a great metropolis is in stark contrast to the lively Myers Valerie Plante, fascinated by a beautiful view of the Quebec metropolis and actually playful.

Denise Coder therefore provides a replica of Valerie Plante. The transformation of the city into a bicycle route, the multiplication of sidewalks and the lack of interest in economic development will be a real choice for all Montreals at this time.

The mayor’s wanderings, her mostly waking politics, her political correctness, her vision in a nutshell, partly inspired by the Quebec Solidarity, resonate with many citizens. Montreallers with an allergy to sophisticated ideologies appear in this Denis Coderre, who makes his controversial action, the candidate, if not the ideal, more realistic.

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