March 20, 2023

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Belmadi pays tribute to Jetchi and tells her the truth

Belmadi pays tribute to Jetchi and tells her the truth

The end of CAN qualifiers is a possibility National Coach To talk about the situation in the Algerian football governing body.

Not surprisingly, Djamel Belmadi President of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) Khairdin Jetchi has been paid a heartfelt tribute.

« He has kept all his commitments and deserves to go out with the honors he gets , Said the coach Vertz At a press conference after Monday night’s most-winning match with Botswana (5-0).

After a long time Arm wrestling With Youth and Sports Minister Sidali Khaldi opposing the FAF’s legislative amendment, the next president threw in the towel and announced that he would not seek a second term.

Belmadi confirmed this at his press conference.

« One page is clearly turning, in any case the change of federal president we do not need to say big, the whole organization is, future elections », Announces Belmadi, which makes Jetchi’s departure almost official.

In recent weeks, many commentators have linked the coach’s future with the FAF president.

More precisely, the credit for the departure in the wake of Kherdin Jetchi goes to Jamel Belmadi.

The coach officially denied the allegations ahead of Monday evening’s meeting.

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« I am engaged in a project with my country‌, this project is not only Jazmel Belmadi. We have a simple project, and I am only part of the project. Around it, there are players and the atmosphere, should be as healthy and clean as possible. But we see that it is not “, When he returned from Zambia last Friday, EN had a (3-3) draw with the local team, still in the CAN qualifiers.

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He did not deny meeting. ” Top officials »

The rumor of Belmadi’s departure seems to have been taken very seriously in the highlands.

Special sites revealed that the coach was received in person by the head of state.

This question was asked of him at the meeting on Monday night and, to say the least, he did not deny holding such a meeting. His answer is a bit problematic.

« I don’t know if this is very important. Whether I do or meet the bosses, it doesn’t change that big. Honestly by all means, it doesn’t change much about my job and my presence on the national team. Belmadi replied.

The same factions went further by reporting that the Greens coach would have his rejection at this meeting. Preferences F cites some of the names he sees at the head of the FAF, including former EN captain Antar Yahya.

However, he did not further illuminate public opinion at Monday night’s meeting on the issue.

Another proof of our interest in the national team in the high places, the President of the Republic tweeted shortly after the match against Botswana congratulating the players and Jamel Belmadi.

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« The national team is thankful for this remarkable journey in the African Cup qualifiers and for this feat in 24 consecutive games unbeaten under the leadership of Valiant coach Jamel Belmadi. Congratulations on winning the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers. Champions, we are behind you , Wrote Abdel Madzid Tebboun.

In the President’s message, some noted that the federal president did not say a single word.

« Jetchi kept all his commitments »

However, for Belmadi, Zetchi “ There is more merit as players and different staff Among the achievements, including the African Cup of Nations won in Egypt in July 2019.

The coach also stressed that he is a Greens coach thanks to the fact that there is a guy like Jetchi at the FAF head.

« The day we met, in August 2018, we had a very long discussion, especially about my vision for work and performance. This meeting was decisive, because it all started there, or. Because if we hadn’t come to an agreement on the operation, things would have been much clearer and I might not be heading the national team today. », Assures Belmadi.

His total respect for Jetchi and he made it clear: ” If I have to say two words about the President, I can say before men and before God that he is a man who has kept his promises and commitments. We were on the same wavelength and most of all, I admired Mr. Jetchy, he kept his commitments. It takes a long time to go into details, but with these commitments and this operation we have won the African Cup and this team is constantly improving. .

After the match, he took the initiative with the players to enhance a small ceremony in honor of the outgoing FAF president.

« Players ask themselves questions »

Logically, Belmadi was asked about his fears for the future, knowing that in a few weeks there would be another president and another federal office.

« I hope we stay on the wave with Mr. Jetchi (…) and hope that the next federal office will continue as we have done so far He said.

Jazmel Belmadi confirmed that the players are not sensitive to everything that has happened in recent weeks and that they too want to continue working under the same conditions.

« I wouldn’t say we weren’t focused, but certainly the players were surprised. Some players said the coach was on one side and the Confederates on the other. Those who say they either don’t know the job or are dishonest. Because it’s not like that. To be comfortable, we need people, an organization. I coach not only, the players play, but they need the whole organization. That’s why players are asking questions. They want to have good company in the future always. They do not want to change anything to work in peace, tranquility and the best possible conditions. ”, He he said. The message is clear.