May 24, 2022

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“Ethical requirement” for CCNE and Cnerer

"Ethical requirement" for CCNE and Cnerer

CCNE and Cnerer examined the issue of vaccinations by health professionals in relation to ethical issues. The March 29 notice emphasizes that. “It is imperative that we set ourselves the goal of rapidly vaccinating health professionals and all medical and social workers working in organizations and at home. ”

On issues of freedom and morality, the two organizations “Remember that this is a fundamental moral and diological problem, and if personal freedom is to be fully respected, it will stop when others are in danger: an important moral principle not to harm others. Therefore, any risk of transmitting the virus in a professional context triggered by personal behavior, the vaccine, beyond its individual and collective impact, leads to verification that it is a matter of professional ethics and meets ethics“, Can we read in the opinion.

According to the latest data from Public Health France, 51.9% of caregivers received their first dose. The rate is still considered inadequate, but it should be kept in perspective. Because, this is not a question of hitting the unwanted guardians. Authorities noted other factors to consider:

  • Availability of vaccines : “All staff should try to make vaccinations more accessible. It may be recalled that in the early stages of the High Authority for Health’s vaccination schedule published on November 30, 2020, this population was not a priority, then to professionals in healthcare over 50 or the most common comorbidities in early 2021. Reveal the severe form of Kovid-19, then to all health professionals“;
  • Uncertainty over vaccine allocation : “The first available mRNA vaccines were preferred for the elderly, as well as physicians. Although the estrogenica vaccine is highly effective against the “historic” virus and the “British” variant, it has provoked some reluctance due to the frequency of mild side effects during vaccination, sometimes causing confusion among teams.“.
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However, the vaccine is responsible “It can provoke appropriate adverse reactions in situations of low supply of vaccine doses, or in situations of instability and sometimes conflicting decisions in the face of scalability and uncertainty.“The authorities keep themselves in favor.”An educational and proactive approach to teams that allows for the impartial capture of developing or conflicting information“It simply came to our notice then.

WUD survey on mandatory vaccinations for health care professionals

When asked about this on our social networks, you are most likely to be vaccinated:

  • On LinkedIn, 60% of you, 37% are against and 3% are without opinion;
  • On Instagram, 68% responded positively and 32% were against it.