May 23, 2022

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Music is racist | Quebec Journal

Music is racist |  Quebec Journal

British newspaper The Telegraph Catch a report from Oxford University stating that undergraduate classical music classes are very white and colonial …

Try not to laugh … and read the following sentences without choking on your coffee.

Too many white notes?

“The Faculty of Music at the University of Oxford is considering the possibility of revising its courses to address white supremacy.

University employees view the university course as “contributing to white supremacy” in the wake of the #Black-LivesMatter movement.

Professors regard music scores as “colonial” and believe the content of the lessons should be “decolonized”.

The professors noted that the transliteration of music “did not lose its connection to the past of its colonies” and that keeping it in its present state was a “slap in the face to students of color.” Music writing needs to be reformed to be more “inclusive”.

Oxford professors say classes like Beethoven and Mozart focus a lot on “white European men’s music from the days of slavery”.

We have suggested that some teachers require mastery of certain classical music techniques, such as piano or performing, because these lessons focus more on “white European music” and “cause great pain to students of color”.

Professors want to remove some courses on Schubert or Guillaume de Machat in favor of lessons in African music or popular music. “

No, these sentences are not taken from a comic book or a science fiction novel.

I remind you that Oxford is one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

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The only question we need to ask ourselves when talking about music is excellence. Was this composer clever or ordinary, did he bring something new to the music?

What about the talent of the composer that his music was composed in the midst of slavery?

We still hear Beethoven, Mozart and Bach because their music goes back ages!

Is Mozart less than a genius because he is white? Was his music less great since he was born in Salzburg on January 27, 1756?

If he was born in 1983 in u Gadau, Burkina Faso, it is his Piano Concert Number 23 Is it taught in Oxford? Did it cause less “suffering” for “students of color”?

The awakened “culture” invades all kinds of cultures. Looney Tunes cartoons Beethoven is like music, Episodes of La Petit V Such as Shakespeare’s plays and episodes Friends Or Christmas songs.

We wonder if “culture” likes the awakened “culture”.


While the articles on classical music are considered very white and colonial, I have pictures of Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China.

In 1966, all Western music was banned on Chinese soil until Grand Hellsman’s death in 1976, as it represented “imperialism and capitalism”.

In 2021, what will Mao say to see Westerners flagging themselves?