May 23, 2022

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Pyrenees Gaming: Hunting with Monster Hunter Rise

Pyrenees Gaming: Hunting with Monster Hunter Rise

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After Mario 3D World and Bravely Default 2 in February and before the new Pokemon snap in April, Nintendo (again) is offering a new exclusive for its Switch with Monster Hunter Rise. Released on March 26, Capcom’s title – one day, even expected on PC – will sign off on a successful return, to the point of becoming the saga’s best episode.

First impression: The game is fantastic. We are clear at the top of the basket on the switch and this is probably the most beautiful title of the machine. While a little aliasing (stair effect on textures) sometimes spoils the party, the beauty of these decorations that take place in the middle of feudal Japan is more than compensating. This is enough to greatly strengthen the immersion of the title, which will keep you hooked for many hours.

Sweet gameplay

As in the other episodes, so it is necessary to go hunting for monsters. But before that, the player must create his character and decorate his Chumsky, a kind of dog with him throughout the adventure. Very done, the character creator allows you to go a long way, and can already occupy you for many minutes while creating the incarnation of your dreams.

After doing a little better, despite the tutorial, the player finds himself in the main village of the game, from where he is released through different hunting areas. This is really the DNA of the Monster Hunter series, and Rise is no exception. Hence the preference for bestie, especially successful and most homogeneous of all. It will give you a lot of trouble anyway.

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To get rid of most of these monsters, it is therefore necessary to be at the level of the gameplay, which is another of the big strengths of the title. A mixture of precision and rhythm, the gameplay is a real precision mechanic, so you need to be well prepared to optimize your chances. Sword in hand and your Chomsky and other polykos on your side, you need to play hard to overcome, one by one, the various monsters around.

A game that demands

Relatively easy, though the title was in high demand as soon as we got ahead in the adventure. Therefore in order to make progress, gain experience, above all you need to take care to retrieve various objects on the slain monsters to raise your equipment. Sometimes repeated, the title is happy when we can really make progress. However, it is necessary to be strict and pay close attention when preparing.

Monster Hunter Rise’s pitch is simple and can only be an excuse to kill a monster in the end, so fans of illustration games may be a little disappointed.

However, the thousands of opportunities offered by this miniature gameplay are not enough to break the spell as they give the undeniable taste to Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise, Nintendo Switch. 59.99 euros. The test took place over a period of about 25 hours.