July 5, 2022

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What Hobby Baker winners can tell us about Colefield

Hobey Baker

Mad though Coal Coffeefield Laval is on the verge of taking over, then perhaps Montreal, the Canadian’s young hope can be achieved for the last time at the university level; Hobby Baker.

Cofield is currently on the list Out of 10 finalists for the trophy presented to the best player in the NCAA. It will be reduced to 3 on April 1 and the winner will be announced on April 9 when Coffeefield intends to play for the Rocket.

If he wins, Cole Cofield would become the eighth player in Hobby Baker history to win a trophy in his first two years of college. To see how impressive it was, I thought we would go and see the other seven.

1987: Tony Hercock, North Dakota

Harcock was the first person to win the Hobby Baker in his second college season, but you have to put a star in because you took a year off between his seasons. Freshman And Second year student. When he returned to the NCAA, he was very strong for the league with 116 points in 48 games on his way to the national championship.

In his first season with Pros, he finished 8th in the Calder Trophy vote with 48 points from 67 games. He never beat that offensive product, but played 758 NHL games for nine different companies, including Quebec Nordics. He still won the 1999 Stanley Cup with the Dallas Stars.

1988: Rob Stauber, Minnesota

At the very least, Stauber‌ does not have the best track record among the players on this list. He only played 62 career NHL games for the Los Angeles Kings and Buffalo Sabers. She made a name for herself as a coach after competing in two Olympics with the US Women’s National Team.

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His best moment as a goaltender was when he saved 89.8% in the 1993 playoffs 3-1, but the Kings began their journey to the Stanley Cup Final against the Canadians.

1993: Paul Carrey, Maine

Making a big professional career transition on this list is very difficult. Kariya is one of only two players to win the Hobby Baker in his New Year. He scored 100 points in 39 games that year, at the same time leading his club to the national championship.

He was the fourth overall pick in the draft after an incredible season. It was inducted into the Hall of Fame with 989 points from 989 games. He did not win the Stanley Cup because of the Devils, but he did win the Senior and Junior World Championships as well as an Olympic gold medal. He holds two Lady Byngs in his record and finished second in the 1997 Heart Trophy vote after a season of 99 points in 69 games. It’s hard to do better on this list.

2001: Ryan Miller, Michigan State

It’s hard to do better than 95% savings% and this season Ryan Miller earned him a hobby baker. 20 years later he still wonders how he is in the NHL. His next start would allow him to equate the Rogatian Watch to 18th place in NHL history. It was a beautiful sign of his distinctive career.

Miller won Vagina in 2010 and finished fourth in the Heart Trophy that year. He also won a silver medal at the Olympics, earning a reputation as an MVP for saving 94.6%. Unfortunately for him, the gold medal only reminds him of the goal given to Crosby in overtime.

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2007: Ryan Duncan, North Dakota

Duncan is the only player on the list who has never played in the NHL. Although he won Hobby Baker with 57 points in 43 games in his second college season, he never drafted. He played for two different companies in the AHL before moving to Austria, where he won four championships.

2015: Jack Eichel, Boston

We reach out to players whose career is too young to think more ed about Cofield. However, Jack Eichel was honored as one of only two players to win the Hobby Baker in his first college season. He left for the NHL, where he scored 355 points in 375 games, literally breaking records for mediation in his absence.

2019: Kale Maker, Massachusetts

Avalanche Defender is a practically already unfair comparison. He was in the top 10 for Norris in his first NHL season. This year he had one point (22 of 22) for the league’s top team and if he had not been injured he would have had a real chance of beating Victor Hedman for Norris.

It’s not impossible yet, but it shows the quality of the players who have recently won this trophy. If Coffeel can reach the level of McCarthy or Eichel it will be a big success for the company.