May 25, 2022

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What is disturbing is the return of the coder

What is disturbing is the return of the coder

So the unofficial became official, Denis Coderre is running for mayor of Montreal.

The candidate chooses to serve Montreallers and it is great to write a book to illustrate his vision.

To show basic honesty is to recognize that this new old candidate has made good moves as mayor.

Financial benefits

While all of this is true, there is some concern about this political comeback.

Tired of it: what happens, the conflict between the various economic interests of the city, before the interests of the Chamber of Commerce, promoters and all stripe financiers, Montreallers.

If these economic interests are analyzed, Montreal will be a powerful political force.

Since one year, they have been assembling, talking to each other and influencing.

They try to give the impression that the city is a complete failure. Its economy is in shambles, people are roaming there like in Baghdad, they are clearly living a difficult life.

It is difficult to see the real contradiction between the belief of the average Montrealist, who often thinks that the city lives better than before, and the common desire that these financial interests and traditionally have a sore throat over Montreal. Less controlled city, more car-based.

Even more tiring is the fact that these interests are influential media companies that give candidate Coderre the impression that he offers honestly satisfactory coverage, a sort of media pass.

Modernizing Montreal. They are building a city that is not perfect, but it looks like it is taking a viable direction for its future.

A more European city, a safer and more civilized city.

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Denise Coder wants to find Montreal. The problem is, many do not believe that Montreal is lost.

Non-Montrealists and some financial scholars think so, but the average Montrealist, I am not so sure.