July 7, 2022

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4 424,000 loan to ensemble Montreal

4 424,000 loan to ensemble Montreal

Denise Coder, who will take over the reins of Ensemble Montreal in the coming days, will face a debt of 4,424,387 in the upcoming election campaign. Valerie Plante’s party is in a completely different position, with over half a million in its coffers.

Alice Girard-BossAlice Girard-Boss

“Debt is very manageable and will not contribute to the next election,” said Sebastian Lachine, general manager of the collective Montreal. The ensemble has a Montreal debt of 424,387, or in 296,887 debt and of 127,500 debt. Much of the political structure was inherited during the last election campaign.

Last year, the party received 7,66,795, from 699 donors. A total of 251 members joined the party in 2020, up from 17 in 2019.

“We are very pleased with the final fundraising campaign. Our elected executives are in this field, they have helped companies and businesses, they have done an extraordinary job,” the CEO said.

Recall that last Tuesday, elected members of the Caucus elected Denis Coderre as leader and mayoral candidate for the November election. He will return to his post in the coming days.

“We encourage Denise Coder to join us. All of the advisers told me yesterday and today that they are getting calls from activists who want to get involved by donating money or volunteering for the next election campaign,” Lachine said.

Half a million for Project Montreal

For its part, Project Montreal is in a better position with 7 567,000 in its boxes and 6 476,829 as election fund. In the last election cycle four years ago, the party lost $ 170,674 or 6,306,155.

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Last year, Project Montreal received 8,158,110 from 1,711 donors. In 2019, the party was able to mobilize an additional 26,022.

Goodwig Bernier, president of Project Montreal, said he was proud of the results, despite the pandemic that halted fundraising activities. “Asking for money for a political party is not so easy when so many people are losing their jobs during the epidemic.” For several months, he points out, there have been no fundraising events or evening fundraisers led by elected officials. The party registered 1,032 members in 2020, up from 612 in 2019.

“As the election campaign is about to begin, these results are very encouraging for the future, as they show that Project Montreal has developed deep roots over the years in all four corners of the island,” the leader said. Valerie Plante from Project Montreal, in a press release.